Dear Yoko (and John),

Today, your WAR IS OVER message has a very special meaning. In papers and on TV they are saying that this global economic crisis is our World War III, and maybe they are right because there’s a lot of people suffering due to the cuts in the welfare systems, the increasing of unemployment, the debts with the banks… They say that ill people dying without medical care as consequence of the deterioration of public health system, they have to be considered as casualties of war and that our political and economical leaders will be judged for that.

This Xmas I have wanted to join your WAR IS OVER campaign as a means to end the recession. When a war is over solidarity and collaboration make people go. Today, sharing and giving will make us going through all those deep walls of tears, fears, sorrow, depression, sadness or rage to clean our polluted minds. We have to recover the balance between greed and capacity, anger and energy, sorrow and vulnerability, jealousy and empathy, fear and wisdom.

I have also created your Wish Tree for my daughter and her boyfriend, to give them courage to pursue their dreams, to not give up. They have their business firm in an Industrial Park in Barcelona where many industrial premises and warehouses have closed in the last years. Some people who worked over there that they used to meet in the streets or in the cafés nearby, they have just disappeared. They didn’t even say goodbye before going, probably because they were ashamed of themselves and felt they were failures. I can see many people over here with faces like ice, closed in their inner thoughts, probably asking themselves when their turn of closing will be.

So, I thought it was time for me to do something about it, and that’s why I have made my united version of your Wish Tree (an Oleander) and your WAR IS OVER! Campaign, to reawaken hope in the area, and because I want my children working for a world aimed at meeting people’s needs and not just making money profits.

I wish you a merry merry Christmas.

Jorge Artajo

PS: More photos here:[email protected]/sets/72157628360379417/

My daughter Melissa called her company BANZAI because of your song “Joseijoi Banzai”. When she was a child and a young girl I used your work to make her feeling proud of being female and to give her courage (she couldn’t understand why girls were rejected in the football team in her school). We used to talk about the lyrics of your songs, especially those in “Feeling the Space” and “Approximately Infinite Universe” albums, but when the ONOBOX came out, she got hooked on “Joseijoi Banzai”. She said it made her feel good and gave her strength and a special kind of energy to face everything.


Message from Yoko Ono:

you always manage to do something good as an activist.
Thank you.