Beatles legend Ringo Starr unveiled his self-designed replica “Knotted Gun” statue for the Non-Violence Foundation in the Gibson Guitar Studio in Central London today. He urged others to back the Non-Violence Project campaign.

Thursday, December 8 marks 31 years since John Lennon was murdered and Ringo Starr is aiming to spread Lennon’s famous message of peace.

In an urgent call to action, Ringo urged musicians from across genres and generations to unite behind The Non-Violence Foundation (NVF) and its aim to put a stop to violence affecting young people. Ringo was joined at the “Knotted Gun” unveiling held exclusively in the Gibson Guitar Studio by Bafta’s Rising Star nominee Adam Deacon and MOBO Award-winning hip-hop artist Akala.

Ringo Starr said: “I am doing the best I can – how about you?”

The former Beatle created his own design on the charity’s signature logo of the knotted gun statue “Non-Violence” which was originally created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd as a memorial tribute to John Lennon.

Founded in 1993, NVP is a Swiss-based, non-profit international youth education and leadership initiative. It promotes social change, with representation on five continents. NVP’s goal is to become the world’s foremost organization for violence prevention education and to create a meeting place for the next generation of leaders.

To learn more about Non-Violence Project, please visit, and to learn more about the Knot Violence art project, please visit

Photo Credit: Lauren Keogh

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