by Jorge Artajo

Yesterday Getafe, a working class populated city at the South of Madrid, wanted to pay homage to the victims of domestic violence and prepared several acts during the whole evening and night to people aware about this social problem and as a way of telling to the victims that they are not forgotten.

Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree, a huge Cedar tree, was placed in the afternoon by a Lorry mounted crane in the main square of the city calling the attention of the old people there walking and chatting under a friendly winter sun.

As I put the tag with Yoko’s wish in the tree to take a photo, they came around and one of them asked me with an ironic smile “Are you selling this tree? Is the price written in the tag? I laughed for his humorous way of approaching me, and his funny way of asking without asking, that it was a pleasure for me telling them about the Wish Tree and the International Day for the elimination of violence against women.

They started to talk about women in Getafe killed by their husbands and asked to participate. Nothing was prepared yet, and the whole thing was supposed to start at 5 p.m., but I forgot all protocol and provided them some tags and pens still in the bags and boxes and they were the first ones to tie wishes to the tree.

That square is the main witness of the energy of the city and of all the movements of its people during the whole journey, because when old people returned to their houses about 3p.m. children started to flow from the surrounding streets. They were very interested about the whole thing.

Pens and tags seemed to fly through the table we had set for people to write their wishes. They asked their parents to help them to tie their wishes and encourage them to write their own. It was amazing seeing them running from the table to the tree again and again and again with that special and beautiful energy children have, calling their friends in the distance to come and write wishes.

At 5 p.m. people started to build a path of light leading to the Wish Tree and in the stages around the square started some circus, dance, theatre and music performances, all of them related to the issue of domestic violence.

The major of the city tied to the Wish Tree the message sent by Yoko Ono to erase domestic violence and the women of Getafe read a manifesto against domestic violence. The most moving moment of the whole evening was when a very young girl read a letter to her mother killed for her father last year in Getafe.

The path of light to the Wish Tree grew and grew and people placed candles at its feet as a symbol of the presence of the 53 women victims of domestic violence in Spain last year.

Jorge Artejo
Installation organiser

Message from Yoko Ono:

Hi, Jorge!
I see that you are working, as usual.
We are at the point where we can end all violence very soon, by the effort of people like you.
Thank you.

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4 Responses to Yoko Ono: Wish Tree for Getafe, Madrid – to end Domestic Violence

  1. Hi Yoko:

    It would be nice if the definition of D/V included the psychological violence that some women commit against children in Family Court. Sometimes they make false allegations to win custody of their kids, or to get child support, instead of getting a job. At the end of the day, that sort of thing is really child abuse, which should also be included in any definition of D/V.

    John was my inspiration for becoming a stay at home dad when my marriage went south in the early 90’s. Mom wanted freedom, and I knew I had to provide family for the kids. The family Court, as I’m sure you know from your cases for Kyoko was really bad. Not child friendly at all.

    The inspiration grew into the work I do today 20 yeas later. On or about Every December 8th at our weekly meetings, I tell the story of how John gave up going out for dinner to say good night to Sean, how that cost him his life, and how that led to the work I do today with men to wage peace not war in Family Court.

    I’m sure if John was here in the flesh today, he’d be on the bricks for this issue too. Not to say that the woman’s D/V issue is not important, but we need to see it as part of the human condition instead of a gender issue. Only then will we solve all violence.

    World Peace Begins At Home…


  2. Jorge says:

    Thank you dear Yoko, but I am the least important piece of the whole thing.
    The really ones that did everything possible were the women of Getafe and their association in the first place. They are working day by day and year after year for helping women suffering domestic violence and all unprotected and defenseless people in their community.

    My friends Jovi Maco and Alfredo Pizarro were in fact the ones who did the hard work of organizing everything, and the Town Hall of Getafe, the Mayor Juan Soler and Mónica Casillas and Pilar from the Women’s department, they made everything easy with their support and help.

    They all send you their love and thanks for your concerning and contribution with your wonderful message.

    Let’s help each other to enjoy life at its full, cause life it’s the only thing that we really have.
    We love you

  3. There are various forms of domestic abuse.

    There are various blind-spots that indirectly encourages domestic abuse; which is reasoning of continuous solutions. When we all create an universal comprehension, selecting an united-front, empowering women’ s movement via cordial respect.

    -Brooke Rasheda Lovestone

  4. BIA says:

    Hi Yoko!!!

    Another important initiative addressing a serious issue that affects so many women around the world, a sad and cruel reality, unfortunately there are many cowards in the world who practice violence against women and against children as well. Congratulations on your initiative.

    ✿✿✿ Many flowers for you!!! ✿✿✿

    🙂 Have a happy weekend!!! 🙂

    i ii iii



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