I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME / OBOETETE is a dramatic new installation of YOKO ONO dealing with shattered lives, loss and remembrance. Inspired by her own experiences of growing up in war-torn Japan, displacement and awareness of the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and now by the events of March 2011, ONO has created works that confront the emotions of the viewer and open up memories in each individual.

The installation I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME / OBOETETE serves as a window through which we can project our own thoughts, and find resonance in many areas of our own minds and experiences. This is one of the great abilities of ONO’s work, which time and again she has realized in many different ways with works such as FREIGHT TRAIN, Ex-It, WISH TREES, IMAGINE PEACE, and so many others.

Gallery 360º Tokyo is once again honored to present the work of YOKO ONO. The exhibition, which opens on December 7 will be on display until January 28, 2012. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

オノ・ヨーコ「I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME /おぼえてて」展について「I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME /おぼえてて」は、損なわれた命、喪失、記憶を主題として扱い続けて来たオノ・ヨー コによるドラマチックな新作インスタレーションです。本作は日本における彼女自身の戦争体験と、広島と長崎の恐怖に対 する洞察と置換、そして2011年3月の出来事から触発されました。オノはこれを見る人たちの感情と向かい合い、一人 ひとりの記憶を開くためにこの作品を制作しました。

インスタレーション「I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER ME /おぼえてて」は私たちそれぞれの想念を投影する窓であると 共に、私たちの心と体験の中のいくつもの領域が共鳴する機会を供します。これまで様々な方法で制作された「FREIGHT TRAIN」「Ex-It」「WISH TREES」「IMAGINE PEACE」等の作品と同様に、本作はオノの大いなる才気を示す作品のひとつです。

本展は12月7日から2012年1月28日まで、無料で一般公開されます。何卒 高覧くださいますよう、ここにご案内 申し上げます。

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Yoko Ono: I Want You To Remember Me


Exhibition view of Yoko Ono “I want you to remember me” at Gallery 360 degree.
This picture was taken during the WWII in front of a shrine. The family originally lived in Hiroshima prefecture where the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945. Children and their mother moved to their relatives’ place to evacuate and this photograph was taken at that time.
Close up look of the artwork by Yoko Ono.
The photograph was originally a very small piece. It was enlarged, put in a black frame and covered with one large glass. The artist, Yoko Ono held a hammer and stroke on the glass and this cracked artwork was created.
Close up look of the artwork by Yoko Ono.
It seems that Ono hit each figure’s face or body on the picture and it gave me a fearful feeling.  The boy (in the middle in the photo above) lost his mother by the atomic bomb and died himself of dysentery. She may have expressed the horrible power of war which broke up everyone’s lives easily.
Exhibition view of Yoko Ono “I want you to remember me” at  Gallery 360 degree .
Nothing but only land was left after the war and that scenery is very similar to the Tohoku area when Tsunami carried and destroyed every buildings and houses. After the Tohoku earthquake happened this March, the Japanese word “Kuyashi-i” came up to Ono’s mind. It is a word to express our feeling when we couldn’t get a good result despite the effort and there is nothing we can do but have to accept the situation. Ono thought there is no exact word to express this feeling in English. Although she has lived outside on Japan for a long time, this fact reminded herself as a Japanese .
Exhibition view of Yoko Ono “I want you to remember me” at  Gallery 360 degree .
Ono traveled the Hiroshima and Nagasaki prefecture this year and ensured the tragedy of war.  However, she also saw the power of human being to arise from a devastated land after defeat in the war. She believes that people can recover from the disaster of Tohoku earth quake as well.
Exhibition view of Yoko Ono “I want you to remember me” at  Gallery 360 degree .
A large Japanese Calligraphy was displayed in the gallery too. It was drawn by a black paint on a canvas, instead of traditional sumi on paper. It is like a poem connecting the word like “World, wish, east, south, west, north, love, hope, dream, love, near, far, people, spring, summer, autumn, winter…”
Close up look of the artwork by Yoko Ono.
All of the sales of these Yoko Ono’s artwork will be donated to the Tohoku earthquake victims. If you are interested in, please contact the gallery below.
Gallery 360 degree
Yoko Ono’s signature and the date, December 7th, 2011.
Yoko Ono in front of her work at Gallery 360 degree .
text by Rasa Tsuda

Exhibition Info
Date: Dec 7, 2011 – Jan 28, 2012
Place: Gallery 360 degree
Address: 5-1-27-2F, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan