Having celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, this year’s edition of the Dream Power John Lennon Super Live will mark a new beginning, taking place once again on the anniversary of his passing, Thursday, December 8, at the Nippon Budokan.

The concert was initiated at Yoko Ono’s behest to donate schools to children throughout the world. Through the proceeds of this year’s edition, we are planning to donate two schools in the Philippines, and one school each in Cambodia, Nepal, Thai, Vietnam, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ghana, and Senegal, for a total of ten schools in nine countries. Over the past eleven years, we will have donated 117 schools in 28 countries.

Twenty of Japan’s top musicians, actors, and creative professionals have responded to Yoko’s call to participate this year. In addition, John will make a virtual appearance using the latest technology, performing on stage backed by Tamio Okuda, Kazuya Yoshii, and Kazuyoshi Saito

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
-Yoko Ono

Outline of the concert:

Date:  Thursday, December 8, 2011
Time: DOORS: 18:00, START: 19:00
Venue: Nippon Budokan
http://www.dreampower-jp.com/ticket/ (pc)
http://i-dp.jp/page/ticket (mobile)


Keisuke Kuwata
Kazuya Yoshii
Kazuyoshi Saito
Bonnie Pink
Love Psychedelico
Sunny Day Service
Roy (from the Bawdies)
Overground Acoustic Underground
and more

Michihiko Yanai (MC)
Anne (reading of lyrics)
Bunta Sugawara (narration)

Your dreams are gradually changing the world!

by Yoko Ono

This has been a very tough year for Japan. Many people are still suffering. But I also know that many people are working hard to overcome their difficulties. And the world believes that Japan will get back on its feet again and show a new face to the world.

This is another reason why we should raise our ‘Dream Power’ flag even higher this year. We have worked hard on this together, but there are still so many children around the world who need our support. This will be our eleventh concert. We need to bring new life both to this concert, and to Japan.

This year’s concert will allow us to build 10 more schools for underprivileged children around the world. That means that with all the other concerts over the last 10 years, we will have built 117 schools in 28 countries.

You should all be proud of being part of our Dream Power circle which has provided such hope and encouragement to the children of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The dreams of each one of you have come together, spread out, and are gradually changing the world.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream
A dream you dream together is reality

Let’s use John’s music to spread the Dream Power circle even wider this year.
The love you send out goes round the world, and comes back to Japan and to you.
Thank you.

With love to you all,

Yoko Ono

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