Dear Friends,

On Sunday, I was in Reykjavík with our son Sean to relight IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, and celebrate his and John’s birthday – October the 9th.

In a boat big enough for Sean and me and all our friends who came all the way from New York, Liverpool and Tokyo, we slowly sailed our way across the moonlit waters of Kollafjörður Bay, to the island of Viðey to join over a thousand Icelanders and visitors from all over the world who had also travelled across the bay to be there on this special night.

It was such a beautiful evening, with the choir singing IMAGINE in Icelandic.
We all made a wish as the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER lit up to begin its lighting cycle for October 9th to December 8th.
The strangely big, silver moon was shining high in the sky.
And the famous but very rarely seen Northern Lights came out behind the Tower as the waves of the water reflected all the lights in Reykjavik harbour.

We all sang along with John to IMAGINE and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE as IMAGINE PEACE TOWER burst into the sky, all the way up to the end of the curve in the sky at the very top.
This happened in all of the three previous years we have done this ceremony.
To see the strong light hit the top of the sky always touches our hearts in a very special way.
It’s a great thing to witness.
No wonder so many people put it in their calendar to come to Reykjavik, even a year before the ceremony!

After the ceremony, at the birthday dinner for Sean, I noticed something wonderful.
All the people had shining eyes.
Looking wide-eyed and romantic like they were very, very young.
I know it sounds crazy, but that is the only way I could describe it.

I think the incredible amount of prayers coming to us from all over the World gave us a boost which created a very beautiful change in us all.

So what was happening?
I think we all knew.
We were seeing the power of people of the World, all wishing to bring World Peace, strongly focussing their thoughts that night to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.
We were shown that when World Peace comes, we will all be young, shining and feeling good – like the people of a very special village called the Planet Earth.

And we’ll surprise the visitors from other planets!
“What’s the secret?” they will ask.
All wars are over on our planet! That’s what.

I think we, Earthlings are lucky people. We have the power to change the world.

I love you!


Yoko Ono Lennon
Reykjavík, Iceland
10th October 2011

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER lit by Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon & friends in Iceland

Tonight (9th October 2011) at 8pm (Icelandic time) Yoko Ono lit IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on the Icelandic island of Viðey, Reykjavík, to honour John Lennon’s birthday today and to celebrate the birthday of their son Sean, who was born on the same day as his dad.

Yoko Ono was tonight joined by her son Sean and guests from all over the world as she re-ignited the light of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on the island of Viðey, Reykjavík to celebrate the birthday of John Lennon today, October 9.

In a moving ceremony on the island, 1,000 people joined Yoko & Sean to sing “Imagine” as the tower was lit at 8pm.

As today’s world map from shows, millions more across the world watched a live stream of the event on

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER remains lit between Oct 9 and Dec 8, the day of John Lennon’s passing . It is also lit at other times throughout the year.

Yoko said today: “I am so happy that friends and family have joined me here to celebrate John’s life. October 9 is also the birthday of my son Sean so today is a day of very deep emotions for me. On this day I urge everyone in the world to IMAGINE PEACE for our planet”.

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, with Yoko, Sean and the usual core members, will play a very special concert at Harpa in Reykjavik on October 13, as part of the Iceland Airwaves Festival.

For more information see

It’s so beautiful and tonight is especially beautiful because of the beautiful moon.

I don’t know why that happened but the moon is especially beautiful and I’m feeling very good about this. Because when we started this I never knew where it was going to go and it could have deteriorated into nothing but instead it started to grow into something fantastic.
And I know that it’s going to go on growing because all of us are wishing for world peace.

And that wish, the strong wish, is in here (points to her heart).

It’s not half a million people – I think it’s over a million now.
We have wishes from over a million people that came to Iceland.
And now wherever I go, they make this wish tree and put the wishes on and then they send the wishes here and that’s going on for maybe 20 countries a year and they are all doing that.

It’s a very kind of difficult time now, in our world, and so I particularly wanted to read this poem that I wrote that is an Affirmation so it doesn’t have much negativity.

You might think “Well, in this negative world what are we doing?“
Well, there are many beautiful things that are happening in this world now too. And we have to recognize that.

One of the things that is very beautiful that is happening, is us.
We are alive.
And we should be very thankful of that.

We stand on this beautiful planet enjoying
the sunrise, the sunset, the change of seasons
the oceans, the mountains, the clear sky
and the lovely towns and cities we’ve created together

We cherish the moment of peace and quiet
We cherish the moment of having fun
We cherish every moment of warmth and love
We laugh, we heal, and we embrace

With what we’ve learned and experienced
With our wisdom and the sense of unity
We protect our world from destruction
For our hearts beat in unison
Even when we fight with one another

We breathe for life
We’ll survive
Remember: we are one

A big hug and kiss to each one of you
I feel privileged to share this time with you
Thank you for being in my life
at times as teachers, as angels, and friends
always as blessings, always with love
Without you, I would not be here

Today is the beginning of our joyful lives
Let’s dance together in our hearts
and play the game of life
with love

We breathe for life
We will survive
Remember: We are one

Thank you.

Let’s make a wish as the light comes on.

Let’s send light to each other and let’s send love!

One, two, three

John, we love you!

Happy Birthday John! and Happy Birthday Sean!

Thank you.

Yoko Ono Lennon
IMAGINE PEACE TOWER relighting ceremony
Viðey Island, Reykjavík, Iceland
9th October 2011

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER 9th October 2011.

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36 Responses to Message from Yoko Ono after relighting IMAGINE PEACE TOWER

  1. MAM Helsinki says:

    Kiitos kauniista ajatuksesta sinulla on kauniita ajatuksia kiitos

  2. kiko Stotz says:

    Made me cry…Sweet Yoko!
    Peace & Love
    We never will forget John!

  3. Akhil_Titus says:

    Hey I’m not late..:D Happy Days For All Because This Is John’s Birthday…He inspired so mony people.I’m frank that I was blind (not fully) Before I Get To Know Some Of His Ideologies.But I Do think that religions deserve more consideration.WELL JOHN IS GREAT FOREVER…

  4. I am a lifelong follower, and I still have tears in my eyes every time I hear these soothing sounds of peace. I wish everyone could see the same as I.

    Imagine all the people…living life in peace.

  5. Eva Akinvall says:

    Thank you Yoko for this message shimmering warm and light with hope. Lovely to read, moving me to tears, happy tears. And it was really a very special thing to be able to participate through this webside in that beautiful evening of 9 october, toghether with so many other persons all over the world!

  6. Tom Siler says:


  7. Tim says:

    Beautiful indeed.

  8. Eva Akinvall says:

    Thank you for this so very beautiful message full of warmth, and shimmering hope… really moving me to tears..happy tears, while reading this message from you…! And it was also lovely to be able be participating in the ceremony in sunday evening 9 october through this page, together with so many persons all over the world

  9. beautiful……………………….yes!…………………

    Tommy B
    Westport, MA, USA

  10. Bela Gemio says:

    Todo muy bonito,muy hermoso.John Lennon,se merecía todo esto y más.Y aunque,personalmente lo recuerdo todos los días de mi vida,sé que es necesario mantener vivo el recuerdo,porque el ser humano es olvidadizo.Por eso creo que ésta es la mejor forma de hacer honor a su recuerdo y a su persona,tan singular,tan excepcional.
    ¡Muchas gracias,Yoko,por impulsar todo esto.Él y todos nosotros te lo agradecemos profundamente.

  11. Geri Wells says:

    Thank you Yoko and Sean for making us believe there is hope in such a confusing and perplexing world as it is today. Sending love to you Yoko and Sean. I have always loved John and his music and always will. May peace be with you!

  12. Neil Friedman says:

    Thank you transforming what many of us could only have imagined, into reality. . .

  13. Melissa Nunes says:

    How wonderful for you and your son. Ceremony is so important when marking a milestone in life, birthdays, holidays. You have a beautiful ceremony you can share with the world. I will remember this story when I am tempted to give up on ever seeing peace in this world. Love you and Sean.

  14. anna1963 says:

    Dear Yoko, you are tireless! You are doing the best to keep John’s memory alive. John’s message transcends age, culture, religion, race and everything else that keeps people apart…( because of some people, not a culture,not a religion,not a race…)
    What will be the world without “naive” dreamers?!
    I will always …support you ( is it possible?) with my school children:)- another and another generation…
    Not a cynic, not a naive- realistic dreamer – Anna from Poland
    Lots and lots of love to you and Sean!

  15. Marie Halan says:

    Please share the video =) I want to see your happy faces
    I love you,Yoko. Happy BDay again Sean… whish you a long healthy life <3

  16. tamao says:

    happy birthday both of you!
    I saw both of your stage at Osaka,Japan,I am crazy about Yoko-san,so it was just like a dream that Yoko-san was in front of me!!!!!!!!!on the stage!!!!!!!

    take care and stay gold!

  17. Thank you for this work of art, beacon of hope and symbol of love. As we plan for the Season For Nonviolence at our spiritual center, I will share this with all and encourage more sharing.

  18. Christ Devos says:

    Happy Birthday John & Sean !!

  19. Sylvie says:

    Happy Birthday, John and Sean! It’s so wonderful that you do this every year, Yoko! Love is the answer…
    Blessings to you, John, and Sean.

  20. Myriam says:

    From Chile, SouthAmerica, great hug to you and also your dear son. I join to your marvelous wishes of Peace all over the world and Love for everybody.

  21. I will continue to imagine, dream and believe this is to be the century of peace. Thank you Yoko and Happy Birthday John and Sean.

  22. LEAHGOMEZ says:


  23. betsy says:

    I love you Yoko and John. Happy Birthday.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Love this family, love the man. You all make my heart fill with love!

  25. Dear Yoko,
    I listened to your songs posted on Twitter today, thinking of your tireless work as a peace Ambassador, spreading love all over the globe in the name of John, the light of your heart, which we all happened to share. Thank YOU for teaching us how to LOVE and for keeping John’s radiant torch burning. You ARE so gracious and forever loved. Happy Birthday, JOHN and SEAN!
    I repeat it again I LOVE YOU!

  26. carmen valenzuela says:

    Me encanto mucho ver la imagine peace tower, su luz es grandiosa, John Lennon debe de estar muy feliz por esto! Gracias Yoko por ser el amor de John, te aprecio mucho 😉 te vi desde la cuidad de hermosillo, Sonora Mexico.

  27. laura says:

    truly wonderful. thankyou so very much for sharing this with everyone! Happy birthday John Lennon. May the dream continue to live and thrive. May peace be contagious and may all people from every corner of the world unite through this dream!
    Laura berry

    • Verdaderamente conmovedor! Ojalá esto nos sirva para sensibilizarnos de todo lo que está pasando en el mundo y en nuestro propio lugar y que nos movilicemos por lograr un mundo de paz y amor, desde lo que hacemos cotidianamente. Como profesores amemos a nuestros alumnos, como padres, a nuestros hijos y familiares y amigos, así sucesivamente. Amémonos todos que eso es la base de la paz, lo que movería el mundo.

  28. BIAI says:

    Hi Yoko e Sean!!!

    What a beautiful and thrilling, all those who love John are certainly very thrilling. Happy birthday to Sean from the bottom of my heart I wish all happiness and realization.

    Have a happy week!!! 🙂

    i ii iii

    ♥ Peace and Love Forever ♥



  29. Erin says:

    Thank you both for giving so much of yourselves

  30. Ella says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing moment with all of us! It was truly beautiful! My mother and I watched in awe.

  31. Thank you for sharing. I loved being able to be there w/you! Beautiful!
    Many blessing to you!
    I love you!

  32. veronica pyplatz says:

    Dear Mrs Lennon and Mr Sean Lennon, I am so happy that you were able to be together with all those that support you and this wonderful event that helps peace thru out the world. I think that Mr John Lennons music helped spread the love and hope that so many people look for those kinds of songs to help them thru their days of hardship. I may not know your son and husband personally but I feel that those that try everyday to give others what your husband was trying to say in his music well then I suppose his death wasnt for nothing. It was a part of a destiny to spread peace and love. Thank you Mrs.Lennon for keeping his and your dream alive. Maybe in the near future it will become a reality. Sincerely, VgPyplatz

  33. Lee Anne Jones says:

    What a beautiful website. I love what you have done. I am sure John is so proud of this.
    Wishing you all the best.

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