Yoko Ono pays tribute and lays flowers at the Hiroshima Memorial, August 2011.

Dear Friends,

Since I just came back from Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the danger of nuclear power has been very strong in my mind. Then, I read the following statement by Truthout (below).

A Nuclear Weapon is a very dangerous weapon to be used by anybody and any organization.
It is insanity to have its usage sanctioned in any program.

If we are not scared for ourselves, be scared for our children and grandchildren.
We have the responsibility to leave a safe planet for them.

Right now, so much madness in the world is clouding our judgement.

Don’t bury your head in the sand on this particular issue.
Know the situation clearly.
Trust in our brain power.
The grain of sanity is in our brains.
Our clear thinking will spread rapidly and change the world.
It will.

With love, yoko

P.S. The following statement from Truthout was sent out to raise more funds for its organization. But to realize such a program existed, if it did in the US Air Force was very helpful to me. Your comments are appreciated. yoko

Exposing the Military’s First Amendment Violations

by: Jason Leopold, Truthout

Dear Readers,

Informing the public is a real news organization’s top priority. But behind every byline stands a reporter who hopes that his or her work will make the kind of impact that will force the powers that be to launch an investigation or pass a new law, energize the public to take action, or change the tides of media coverage on a crucial issue. When change happens, it is evidence of just how powerful the truth can be – and it is the reason I continue to pound the pavement.

Last month, I reported a story on Truthout that made a sizable impact. It exposed a US Air Force program that used teachings from a former Nazi SS officer and passages from the Bible to instruct missile officers on the ethics of launching nuclear weapons. Less than a day after my report was published, the Air Force suspended the program, which had been in place for two decades – and then suspended all of its other ethics courses, pending review.

Truthout’s report was picked up by The Washington Post, The London Daily Telegraph, The Atlantic and more than 100 other domestic and international news organizations, all of whom credited Truthout with breaking the news. The report continues to be discussed nearly a month later. It’s this type of impact that makes my work gratifying and gives me the drive to expose injustice.

Please help Truthout continue to make an impact.

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