Yoko Ono pays tribute and lays flowers at the Hiroshima Memorial, August 2011.

On Hiroshima Day – August 6th, 2011

On Nagasaki Day – August 9th, 2011


Trust in the power of human intellect and the super ability sleeping in our subconscious.

The 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were a tragedy of the greatest magnitude.

Even now, sixty six years later, many victims of the violence of atomic weapons are still suffering,
physically, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And now the tragedy of the atom has unfolded again,
with the massive earthquake and tsunami of March 11th 2011.

This time, though, the global citizens are wiser.
We are all fully aware that the tragedy is not a local happening of Fukushima and Japan, but of our planet.

With the warning we’ve received from this tragedy,
and the belief and the efforts of all of us on this globe,
We will leave the world full of old and dangerous human habits
and bring the future new world with the speed of lightning.

Well, that’s what we should be doing. And we can.

“All that we are is the result of what we thought.” – Buddha

When things are bad, we know what to do.

It’s time for each of us, every member of the human race,
to draw on the subconscious power sleeping in us,
and move the mountains blocking us from the healthy, peaceful world we will bring for ourselves.

Start with having good thoughts – especially about yourself.
Don’t waste your time being angry at greed-ridden corporate guys and lying-through-the teeth-politicians.
We have to focus on what we can do and do.

Believe in the power of goodness which we all have.
Be an oasis for people who are suffering from spiritual thirst.
Have a vision of the society with no social injustices.

This time, we have been given a rare challenge to go for mass enlightenment, and fast.
It’s not any different from other challenges we had to take care of.
We always did take care of them, and came out smelling like roses.

The Human Race is a miracle race.
We can do anything we want.
Just focus on what to do, and how simple it is.

Look into people’s eyes.
They are your eyes.
They are beautiful.
They are smiling.

Let’s go!

I love you!


Yoko Ono
Hiroshima Day, 6 August 2011
Nagasaki Day, 9 August 2011

Yoko Ono: The Road To Hope, Hiroshima MoCA, August 2011.

Photos by Anne Terada ©2011 Yoko Ono.