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Music has always been a major part of Yoko Ono’s life, from those legendary days as John Lennon’s iconic partner to the recent dance floor hits she has been delighting us with. Just how was the Yoko legend born? How does one reconcile such strong political ideals with a wicked sense of style? In time for the special yoox.com 11th birthday celebrations, we met with the lovely lady to find out more and get her lowdown on the perfect party style.

What does it mean to be an activist today? What are some of the biggest challenges?
That you are more ignored than being attacked. I think people were more naive in the 60’s, and attacked us like crazy when we did the bed-in, for instance. Now they do it differently.

Can art be a form of activism and if so, how?
ART is the only field in which you can still do things. Politicians are stuck in red tape. Artists are still relatively free to express themselves. The reason is the politicians don’t take artists too seriously. “What can they do?” is the way they think of us. It’s a blessing. Because we are doing it!

You are a very active presence on Twitter. How do you reckon new technologies can help good causes?
The world has changed so much in the past 10 years. It’s great!!! We are literally a global village, through internet communication.

How do you keep updated with what goes on in the world? Do you read papers and magazines or rely solely on the Internet?
I rely more on daily papers, magazines, newly published non-fiction books. I check the internet, too. I can do all this because I’m not a couch potato gazing the TV.

What is the most moving film you have seen in the past few years? The most moving film of all times?
There were a few. I’m a film buff, so you are asking the wrong person. I have too many films carrying in my heart.

Name three books everyone should have read.
HALF THE SKY by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
I was going to list another three. There are so many good books to enlighten us these days. Read two books at a time. Keep reading!

Are you interested in fashion? Who are some of your favorite designers?
I’m observing fashion as art. So there are many great designers as this is the age of fashion!

What are some of the greenest things you have ever done?
How about I keep all the paper bags, and reuse them? “Surely you must have done something bigger?” says you.  Oh, I know. But every little thing counts, doesn’t it?

You are one of the biggest advocates of peace. Do you ever get angry?
I get angry very quickly. But I  cancel it right away. So it doesn’t become cancerous in my body…

What would be your “haiku” in a bottle for the next generation?

What does the success of your #1 MOVE ON FAST single mean to you?
I felt very lucky. Yes. I am. But all my dance tracks came out brilliant because of the genius DJs. The artistry of the remixes is quite high. I now think that dance tracks are high art!

What’s your recipe for success?
Not to be ashamed of learning how to deal with a media that is new to me..

Do you feel dance music a good way to spread your message?
Definitely. The message sinks into you while you are dancing to it.

Having a political message has always been important to you, do you feel this new music has helped get your message heard?
I definitely think so. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yoko Ono’s New Single “Talking To The Universe” Will Be Out June 28th On Mindtrain/Twisted Records Featuring Reworks By Richard Morel, Ralphi Rosario & The Juan Maclean.




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From her pioneering work in the Fluxus movement of the 1960s to the recent IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland, Ono’s art has challenged and informed, melding the personal to the universal in simple and unique ways. Her marriage and creative collaboration with John Lennon was a love story played out on the global stage. Ono’s music laid the groundwork for the sounds of punk rock and new wave. Recently, Ono has had six consecutive dance singles charting at #1 on the top of the Billboard Dance Chart. In 2009, she received Mojo Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and she assembled a new PLASTIC ONO BAND for her latest album, Between My Head And The Sky, co-produced with son Sean Lennon on his Chimera Music label. In 2009, she received the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Biennale and in 2011 she will be awarded the prestigious Hiroshima Art Prize for her peace activism. From gallery to stage to social media platforms, Yoko Ono brings a message of peace to the world. Ms. Ono’s ongoing projects are detailed at  IMAGINE PEACE.

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