Dear Yoko Ono and the IMAGINE PEACE team,
All your brilliant work is and has always been such an inspiration.
Thank you for supporting WE MAKE PEACE in the past. We are so grateful for your kindness and help.
I wanted to let you know about our new campaign for Peace Education in NYC schools.


A PLEAD FOR PEACE is an interactive workshop.

We teach students (aged 8-13 years) how to make peace within, with each other, in the classroom and in society.
The workshop is based on learning key issues of:

  • Human rights
  • Human needs
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anti-bullying principles
  • And the core values that spell out P L E A D:

P= Positivity L= Love E= Empathy A= Acceptance and D= Democracy.

We wish to start a tour of the NYC schools this year.
Beginning in Brooklyn, in the fall of 2011, starting from October.

This is an entirely volunteer initiative, so we need all the help we can get.

Please support us by making a donation and share the link.

“Peace education is needed not just in societies marked by war,
but in all societies that are serious about living in peaceful societies.
Peace education is currently not on the curriculum, but should be
prioritized right from the top. WE MAKE PEACE makes peace education
fun, creative and interactive.”

Founder Marie Mamonia.

Watch a YouTube clip from our UK launch at Camp Bestival.

We have just launched a fundraising campaign on Indigogo:

Please support us by making a donation and share the link.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Marie Mamonia
[email protected]
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