The Peace Alliance

Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie
7th Annual Mother’s Day National Action
On Behalf of Mothers Everywhere
May 6th, 2011

“Let [us] solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace.
~ Julia Ward Howe, 1800’s (original advocate for Mother’s Day)

Dear Friends,

Join us for this national action, working with members of your community to take pies to your local Congressional offices on May 6th (the Friday before Mother’s Day). The focus of this action is to let Congress know, with unforgettable visuals and “tasteables,” that peacebuilding wants and deserves a piece of the federal budget pie. It has been our largest action of the year for the past six years, and one of the most effective, fun and memorable. (Read more about the history of Mother’s Day and why we chose it for this campaign).

Your participation in this Mother’s Day-inspired campaign, where we bring pies educational materials to our Members of Congress, is a creative way for us to let Congress know that we want our government to make peacebuilding a national investment and legislative priority.

Over the years, our efforts have made a significant difference. We have helped increase co-sponsors, awareness and knowledge of the need for more peacebuilding investment, a U.S. Department of Peace(H.R. 808) and peacebuilding infrastructure. This year, there are a few key things you can help raise awareness around: the re-introduction of H.R. 808, the release of a new report, the U.S. Peace Index, which makes a powerful case for the economic benefits of cultivating peace in tangible ways. We may offer a couple of additional useful initiatives as well in the coming weeks, more details coming soon.

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