The widget above will be featuring on the right hand column of every page of the IMAGINE PEACE website for your listening pleasure.

It consists of two pop-up music players:

• On the left – an introduction to the music of Yoko Ono: 50 tracks from 30 albums over 5 decades.
• On the right – 8 x ONO Remixes, all #1s on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart.

You can also enjoy the music at Yoko’s Soundcloud account, where you can listen to the playlists, comment in the timeline of the actual tracks, and share the tracks or sets over Facebook & Twitter, etc. and embed on your own websites.


YOKO ONO is a multi-media artist who constantly challenges the traditional boundaries of sculpture, painting, theatre and music.Her groundbreaking conceptual and performance pieces in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, experimental films, solo music, and music done in association with John Cage and Ornette Coleman, among others, and then a remarkable collaboration with John Lennon from the time they met until his death, and international one-woman shows and retrospectives during the 1980’s and 1990’s illustrate her varied career.Into the new millennium, Yoko’s creative influence and prolific artistic output continues to inspire new generations.

Reflecting on her reputation for being outrageous, Yoko smiles and says, “I do have to rely on my own judgement, although to some people my judgement seems a little out of sync. I have my own rhythm and my own timing, and that’s simply how it is.”


Yoko Ono’s ongoing remix series campaign ‘ONO’ has seen the boundless art-rock visionary opening up her pandora’s box of original material for an eager generation of superlative cutting-edge artists to cleverly reinvent, including: Flaming Lips, Pet Shop Boys, Antony And The Johnsons, Sparks, Basement Jaxx, Junior Boys, Danny Tenaglia, Porcupine Tree, Stonebridge, CSS, Bimbo Jones, The Sleepy Jackson, Peaches, Linus Loves, Cat Power and Oscar winning composer Craig Armstrong.

To date, the groundbreaking series has spawned:
• 2 critically-acclaimed remix albums – ‘Yes, I’m A Witch‘ & ‘Open Your Box
• 8 x #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart-topping hits including Move On Fast, Wouldnit’ (I’m A Star), Give Me Something, I’m Not Getting Enough, Give Peace A Chance, No No No, Everyman/Everywoman and the seminal anthem Walking On Thin Ice.

Eight #1s (Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart)