Dear Yoko,

Westbury Friends School, a small Quaker School on Long Island, wishes to express our concern for the people of Japan who have suffered so much during the past month.

We wanted to share an all-school activity, which we have been involved in since January and how we were able to turn that into a fundraiser for relief for the people of Japan. A check in the amount of $768 was sent to Save the Children for Japanese Relief.

Attached are pictures of our Crane projects for the 100th Day of School, and the Crane that Mr. Michael Hirsch sculpted for us.


Gerri Faivre
Head of School
30 March 2011


Dear Friends of Westbury Friends School
I am delighted that you sent me such beautiful photos of yourselves to share with me the love you are sending to people of Japan at this very troubling time.
Thank you! I love you!!!

Yoko Ono
31 March 2011


World of Cranes

The World of Cranes mobile was created by the Early Birds children and faculty. It was started as part of the WE CHOOSE PEACE initiative and the story of Sadako and the 1000 cranes, which began in January 2011 at WFS. This particular piece was designed to share 100 origami cranes folded by the students for the 100th Day of School.

The Early Birds first painted the Styrofoam ball gold and when it was dry took the cranes, already mounted on skewers by Dilara Sukhov and her family, and added the cranes to the globe, making it become a WORLD OF CRANES.

The Early Birds and the ‘ Early Birdwatchers’, who are their teachers hope that you will enjoy it in Peace.

Created by Barbara Caccamo and Pam Wells, Early Birdwatchers
Early Birds