Some of Japan’s top artists gather each year to participate in the Dream Power John Lennon Super Live, a charity concert founded by Yoko Ono to donate schools to deprived children all over the world. The tenth edition of this concert will be held this year – a year that marks the seventieth anniversary of John Lennon’s birth and the thirtieth anniversary of his passing – on the day he died, December 8.

Responding to Yoko’s call, an eclectic mix of artists will perform alongside her. The lineup is highly anticipated every year, and the 2010 edition of the concert features a fantastic lineup consisting of fifteen acts. In addition to Super Live veterans such as Tamio Okuda, Kazuya Yoshii, Yuzu, Kazuyoshi Saito, Kenichi Asai, Love Psychedelico, Bonnie Pink, Keiichi Sokabe, and Michihiko Yanai Project, we have some new blood in Yoshikuni Dochin and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. The singer Cocco will participate not as a musician but as MC, while Kyoka Suzuki will perform a reading of “Imagine” and Sayuri Yoshinaga will provide narration.

With this being an anniversary edition, this year’s concert, the largest John Lennon tribute event in the world, is bound to be more exciting than ever before.

A total of 107 schools in 28 countries will have been donated after this year’s concert.

This annual concert started in 2001 based on Yoko’s call to donate schools to children all over the world, and 95 schools in 26 countries have been donated from the proceeds of the past nine editions. With this year’s concert, we are planning to donate one school each to Haiti (where a major earthquake destroyed many schools), Guatemala, and Mali, as well as two schools each in the Philippines and Senegal, and five schools in Pakistan, for a total of twelve schools in six countries.

We will have surpassed the 100 schools mark, and our total will run up to 107 schools in 28 countries.

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John Lennon Music Festival 2010

Dream Power John Lennon Super Live

Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2010
Time: Doors/18:00 Start/19:00
Venue: Nippon Budokan

Main performers
Artists, actors, and creative professionals who have responded to Yoko’s call

Yoko Ono

Kenichi Asai
Tamio Okuda
Kazuyoshi Saito
Keiichi Sokabe
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Yoshikuni Dochin (Chemistry)
Bonnie Pink
Kazuya Yoshii
Love Psychedelico etc.
(Ordered according to the Japanese alphabet)

Michihiko Yanai Project
Cocco (as MC)
Sayuri Yoshinaga (as narrator)
Kyoka Suzuki

Tribute band, Dr. Winston O’Boogie

Daisuke Kanazawa (Fuji Fabric / keyboards)
Haruhiko Wada (bandleader / keyboards)
Kiyoshi Tsuchiya (guitar)
Susumu Osada (guitar)
Shingo Oshiba (bass)
Takashi Furuta (drums)

Ticket info
Kyodo Tokyo: 0570-064-708
Ticket Pia: 0570-02-9999 (P-code: 120-067)
Lawson Tickets: 0570-084-003 (L-code: 77175)
CN Playguide: 0570-08-9999

For inquires, please contact the John Lennon Music Festival Office
(13:00~20:00, weekdays)

Organized by: John Lennon Music Festival 2010 Executive Committee
Dream Power proponent: Yoko Ono
Honorary musical producer: Sir George Martin
Overall musical producer: Sanae Saito

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12 Responses to Concert: Dream Power John Lennon Super Live [Budokan, Tokyo] 8 Dec 2010

  1. Hola!

    Congratulations…I´ve just noticed about this Festival!)

    Yoko..are you there?.
    Me and my band wanto to be there, ( sharing our songs with messages and images of love, peace and consciousnnes.
    a big huge from Chile

  2. Flávio says:

    Yoko, sorry! I’m a little emotional when I see you with John Lennon. You surely will again meet with him. I do not believe in death, for me the spirit survives bodily death, will always be grateful to you and cause you embraced. Beautiful love that united them on earth and made it an integral part musician eternal for all who were privileged to hear her sing and be a shining star. You were the least appeared, but to me you were like the love you gave her. Let me call you dear friend! Bj!

  3. Ken Graham says:

    Will Superfly (Ahiho Ochi) be there? She is really awesome!

  4. Vic Sadot says:

    Seasons Greetings to Yoko & Her Team!

    What a great heritage to celebrate! What a worthy challenge to live!
    Your link goes out in my Seasons Greetings to All!

    Last FM Journal by Vic Sadot – Lyrics & Links for a Christmas/New Year Lullaby: Sleepin’ Like a Baby

  5. D Elias says:

    Dear Yoko,
    I just watched LENNONYC on PBS and was very moved by it and you.
    The film gave me new insights into you and John and it was wonderful to see.
    Thanks for all your work for peace and children.

  6. Judith Canniff Anderson says:


  7. susan morenzi says:

    Yoko…You are so great to do this for John and the world..I think some how John knew you would. When i watched his documentary on tv one of his songs he was working on there was a little bird singing in the back ground he said where is that bird can you here it…I think it was his mind telling him we would all be intouch one day on the internet twitting our thoughts to each just like he wanted. Love you and all you do for the world…

  8. Emre says:

    hi Yoko,
    I like the expression of “dream power”,
    please accept my respect for your eternal love,


  9. Bia says:

    Hi Yoko!!!
    Will certainly be very exciting!!! I would be there!!!! The purpose of the concert very noble!!! As ever congratulations for keeping his memory alive and dream!!!
    I love you very much!!! Many flowers for you!!!
    ♥John e yoko Forever♥
    ♥Peace and Love for everyone♥


  10. Lonzo Luckdragon says:

    Awesome line up of bands this year!!!

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