Sea Voices – interview with Yoko Ono (excerpt)

Yoko Ono is an artist, singer, songwriter, musician, filmmaker and peace activist who lives and works in New York City.

Q. It is said that your name translates to “Ocean Child” – that is very powerful.  What does the ocean mean to you personally, and what are your reasons for wanting to protect it?

A. Ocean is where we’ve come from.  Now we are all ocean carriers with the powerful energy of the ocean within us.  When the ocean shines, we dance the dance of life.  When the ocean suffers, our blood smells the smell of death.  And when the ocean dies, we die.

Q. Is there a particular ocean issue that bothers you the most, and if so what is it, and what can you recommend people do to help the problem?

A. Thank the ocean for the powerful energy you have as an ocean carrier.

Q. What is your favorite thing about the ocean?

A. That it is in constant motion of its own.

Q. Do you have any words to live by you would like to share?

A. I live by counting my blessings, and knowing that everything is a blessing . . .for somebody!

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Sea Voices

SEA VOICES is a coffee table book that features prominent people from around the world who care about our environment and want to help protect our world oceans.

It includes short interviews (Q & A style) from experts in various fields including; Oceanographers, Artists, Authors, Photographers, Environmentally Conscious Celebrities and Musicians, Filmmakers, and Surf Industry Leaders. Sea Voices is more than a beautiful book, it is a valuable ocean guide and resource.

We hope that SEA VOICES inspires people to learn more about the ocean, get involved in ocean protection and encourages people to join the Sea Voice community so, together, we can Work Toward a Sea Change.

The  book is composed of over 100 people from Ocean Experts to Celebrities.

It also includes Filmmakers, Artists, Authors, Musicians, Surf Industry Leaders, Athletes, Ecologists, and even Royalty who all share their personal “Sea Voices.”

The book features interviews from Musicians Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Jason Mraz, Scarlet Rivera, Stefan Lessard, Yoko Ono and others, to Actors Daryl Hannah, Ted Danson, Keely & Pierce Brosnan, Kate Walsh, Isabel Lucas, Sam Waterston, Q’orianka Kilcher, Ed Begley, Jr., and others, to HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan from Saudi Arabia, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Authors Amy Tan, Carl Safina, Terry Tamminen, and Chris Jordan.

It features World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater, and World Champion Skateboarder Tony Hawk, and Artist Shepard Fairey.

Additionally it features the renowned Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Bob Ballard, Lt. Don Walsh, Alexandra and Fabien Cousteau.

There are also interviews from Captain Paul Watson from “Whale Wars”, Captain Charles Moore, David de Rothschild, Shaun Tomson, Roz Savage, and many other fascinating people from over 25 countries.

About the Authors

Duffy Healey and Elizabeth Laul Healey have been involved in ocean protection for the last 2 decades and love the ocean. Growing up on the beach in Southern California, they both have seen first hand how the ocean, the beaches, and the shores have deteriorated over the years because of pollution, population growth, and overfishing.

Their love for the ocean inspired SEA VOICES, a coffee table book, which features beautiful photography along with a collaboration of stories from prominent people around the world. It’s told through the eyes of Oceanographers, Artists, Authors, Photographers, Environmentally Conscious Celebrities and Musicians, Filmmakers, and Surf Industry Leaders.

SEA VOICES is the Healey’s legacy to future generations and their own children.  They have made the book affordable (at $29.95), so people can give the book as gifts to their children, their friends, and schools. They hope that people will use it as an educational guide that will inspire people to protect the ocean.

In 2006, Healey Publishing published Baja, Mexico Through the Eyes of an Honest Lens.

They are also the publishers of Distinctive Homes Magazine.

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