Hi Yoko!

I wanted to send you this picture of the artists who performed in Videy at the lighting ceremony on the 9th.
It was a beautiful moment, we sang both indoors and by the light as it was being lit, and people joined us in song.
We want to thank you for making this happen, and please know that we are always at your disposal would you ever want any collaboration!
We hope you got our presents, the John Tavener CD (our director’s other choir) and the Icelandic woolen hat that our friend made, and hope you enjoy them!
I’m very happy you had a good trip to Iceland and I heard your concert was a big success! I wish I could have been there.
Karítur Íslands send you all our best wishes and we hope you will visit us again soon!

Svanhvít Lilja Ingólfsdóttir

Dear Svanhvit Lilja,

I wish i was there at you guys’ performance.
I couldn’t, because I had to not be late for my performance.

With the strong wind and the waves, they said, I would have been late for mine if I had gone to your performance.
Well, that was what I was told!

People who went to your performance on Videy Ialand was proud of the fact that they did and experienced a beautiful performance.
I should one day come to your Karitur Islands, too.
Then again, I’ve heard so much about it from people who visited your islands.

Thanks again, for having sung John’s song.
He would have been very pleased.

Love, yoko