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Friday 11 March 2016

Sunny Stewart
How are u doing? We were worried about u.

Thank you, It seems to be getting better.

Alan Powling
Please let us all know that you are really fully on the mend please. love to you and family

Thank you for your concern.Today, I feel that there is a light at the other end.

Lisi Tribble
Where do you get your impressive strength from? Were you born with it? x

I think so. even now, when I am not feeling my best, I am not fairing, or anything…

Callum Marshall Ross
Have you seen the horizon lately?

Yes. Thank you for reminding me about it.

Adam James
Yoko what can I do tomorrow to make the world better for myself and everyone. I keep trying but things seem to stay the same.

Oh, no! Things are definitely staying the same. It is moving! as fast as it can. We are very fortunate race of people! We have been given a way to change the world.!

Georgina Louise Fairley
In your opinion what work can we do to understand the details of our own missions on earth to promote love and peace? How can we uncover how we can best be of service xxxx thank you xxx

You have uncover a huge portion of it! Even just in your mind!! It’s just very difficult to see how much YOU did!

Lbd Blkknight
When I hear your songs, they seem like pictures. Does sound affect you personally in a way that you see it?

In my mind, the beautiful world always comes with beautiful pictures. And beautiful scent.

Stacy Hobbs
I read that you take ice cold baths. I want to try this. How long should I stay in the cold water?

Just enough for you.

Albert Murrian
I love YES, I’M A WITCH TOO. You always take music in exciting new directions. Your songs sound like they come from the future. How are you able to push the envelope (whatever that means) so consistently, so many times, for so many years? How do you make such far out music that sounds like nothing anyone’s ever heard before? You set a good example for artists like me. Watching you has taught me how to be brave. I see my music and ideas becoming more avant garde every day, and I know a lot of that influence came from listening to you. Some other recent albums that I think are pushing the envelope (I still don’t know what envelope we’re talking about) include David Bowie’s BLACKSTAR and John Cale’s M:FANS. Your new stuff sounds fresh, hip, and inspired. That’s why I love it!

Thank you for your kind words!

Randy Blazak, PhD. ‏@rblazak
How are you feeling?

I was in a shock to find out that flu, I thought was something similar to a cold, and as harmless as the cold, turned out to be something closer to a killer! Well, you learn!

Albert Murrian ‏@AlbertBMurrian
You gave us quite a scare last week. Are you feeling better? You have been in my thoughts, for sure. Love, Albert

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Well, you learn, don’t you? I am still in a shock. But quickly decided to take care of myself.

Anthony Ptak ‏@axoxnxs
I have the flu, how are you feeling, what to do to get better?

Just drink a lot of fluid, eat well, and hope to get better… That’s what the doctor is telling me. Doesn’t it sound lame? (Don’t say that aloud!)

ophelia ‏@recklesshay
What is the most change you’d like to see in the future?

All of us to be healthy and young forever. Don’t say “but that will be boring, wouldn’t it?” No. we are not babies anymore. It definitely is what I want.

Antonella ‏@Antosnm
Which is the secret of happiness, life and love? Love from Argentina.

I’d like to have life and love! Both! After experiencing this bad, bad flu! I don’t want any compromise.

Jaala Edmunds ‏@JaalaEdmunds
What was your favourite thing that you did when you were in Australia?

To watch the river day and night.

Jonas K. ‏@Jo3Kolpe
Hey Yoko! What is a thing everybody should know about you and your work?

If you want to get inspired by some idea, you should read a book of inspiration of your choice. But the really great thing to do is to inspire yourself with what inspires you, and create your own inspiration!

nanako Ichijo ‏@Iamsaltydreams
What were you thinking or feeling when you turned to be eighteen from seventeen?

I don’t remember.

shark201 ‏@JStout67
I heard from a documentary about Star Wars that you were given a light sabre by Carrie Fisher. Is that true?! Peace and love! Jay

I love, love, love Carrie Fisher. And anything she gives me is always cool.

Alan Deacon ‏@alanjamesdeacon
What was the last book you read and what did you think of it? You are an inspiration Yoko thank you X

I was reading my essay: Don’t Let Your Eyes Dry. I would love for you to read it, too.