Dear Yoko…

Wow… The Imagine Peace Paint-In on John’s birthday in Denver was a HUGE success.
We had LOADS of people in Civic Center Park (on a Thursday!)

Hundreds of artists painting.
Busloads of school children painting.
Live bands all day – each one playing at least one Lennon song.
Peace Groups accepting donations.
Mayor Hickenlooper spoke on our Main Stage, and May Pang flew in from New York… So we even had some special guests, which really helped us promote and raise more money for peace!

Four of the five local TV stations covered the event, and all 3 major newspapers here gave us great coverage. The best local radio station, 99.5 The Mountain, became our Partner for the event and provided our MC along with tons of coverage there too.

I just uploaded some of the video coverage onto YouTube and have embedded two spots onto our Home Page at . I hope you get a chance to look at the press videos – very very nice.

Here are some photos, as you requested. I hope you can link us to your website!

Thank you so much for your support in this, and since everyone is absolutely dying to make this an annual event now…. I hope that we will be in touch and… “I hope some day you’ll join us…” 🙂

lots of love and gratitude,

Ali Jackson at work on a picture of John Lennon

 The park’s center walkway was lined with peace groups and vendors.

The weather was perfect – low 70s and sunny!     

The Park’s Greek Amphitheater (stage for bands in background)
Artists Peter Illig, Laurie Maves and Jeannie Adams – three of many.
Stiltwalker provided by
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and organizer Dana Cain
Artists were painting in all areas of the park. This one was near the Main Stage.
Everyone was for peace!
Hundreds of students from all grade levels were bussed in to participate.