On a very beautiful fall day in downtown Denver we participated in the Peace Paint In. Organized by Dana Cain as a birthday party for John Lennon, this first year event drew hundreds of people to Civic Center Park. Crowds of celebrants, students from several schools, with dozens of artists painting in the fresh air and Colorado sunshine enjoyed the music and the memories. 

Partners supporting the Imagine Peace Paint-In included: Denver Art Museum, Jerry’s Artarama, 99.5 The Mountain, Colorado Association of Realtors, Cherry Creek North Art District, the City of Aurora Art in Public Places program, RiNo Art District, East End Art District, Boulder County Arts Alliance and Sunflower Market.

Here’s a giant peace sign made from 250 pairs of Croc shoes. I took the photo from the top of the Bubble Tower.

This is the same park where the Peoples Fair is held every year. At the Peoples Fair we have the Bubble Tower to the north, in a more sheltered area, and less wind. Here we caught a breeze all day long, alternating from east to west and back! Not much humidity though, but we had plenty of bubbles floating everywhere as the day progressed!

I must admit, that the 60s and 70s pretty much passed me by. I was either too young, or too distracted at the time to be aware of much of this aspect of our culture. I missed Woodstock, the peace rallys, Kent State, although I do remember the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I was about 11 years old at the time and didn’t appreciate them, or my older neices screaming!

Posted by Bill “Stretch” Coleman at Stiltpro.blogspot.com

For more info on the event see Paint-In.org