///Madison Violet’s “The Ransom” wins ‘Maxell Song of the Year’ @ 13th John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Madison Violet’s “The Ransom” wins ‘Maxell Song of the Year’ @ 13th John Lennon Songwriting Contest

The Alternative Country duo Madison Violet has been announced the winner of the coveted “Maxell Song of the Year” from the 13th annual John Lennon Songwriting Contest for their original composition, “The Ransom.” The duo made up of Brenely MacEachern, who sings the lead vocals on the track, and Lisa MacIsaac, who sings the harmony, will be awarded $20,000 courtesy of Maxell, in addition to other prizes.

Known for their extensive touring routine, Brenely started writing the song in Australia nearing the end of a 2 month long trip when she was longing for home. Lisa later helped her finish the song in Grenada. The pair recorded the song in Pro Tools with an acoustic guitar, a snare kick and hi-hat, an upright bass, an organ and a lapsteel guitar.

Both hailing from Scottish small towns in Canada, Brenely and Lisa have chosen a musical path that channels their parent’s vintage record collection that compromised the likes of Neil Young and Dolly Parton.

A total of over $275,000 in cash and prizes will be distributed this year by the year-round contest open to both amateur and professional songwriters. Visit www.jlsc.com to listen to Madison Violet’s winning song, download their photo and enter the current contest.

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