Every Wednesday, a Peace March is arranged in downtown Fredrikstad, Norway, Europe. It starts at 18.00 in front of City Hall and lasts for one hour. Some times there are many participants, at other times there are just four or five. You can walk with us for five minutes or the whole hour. The main task is to utter the opinion of the meaninglessness of war. The symbols are the flags and the torches; a silent demonstration against war and terror.

Why walk for peace?

We believe that it is vital to underline every individual’s potential to make a difference, even in big, political matters.

We believe that every human being wants peace – and that it is our responsibility to try to make it happen.

We also believe that one of the best ways to do so, is to bring it to the public arena for everyone to participate – therefore The Peace March…

The Peace March is an unpolitical and informal group of people who wish to make a statement.

We are a small group of people, 15 – 20 individuals, that every Wednesday for more than nine years now have gathered downtown Fredrikstad, Norway, to arrange a walk for peace. We have arranged more than 400 marches since 31 October, as a peoples reaction to both the terror in New York and the following invasion of Afghanistan – and against warfare in general. The “core participants” of the peacemarch are various artists, musicians, social workers and teachers and more, but it is obviously an open march and everyone concerned about the matter is welcome to participate.

The largest number of people attending the march was counted around New Year 2008/9 when Israel bombed Gaza. 650 Fredrikstad citizens showed their aversion against this  exaggerated revenge action from the Israelis.

We are often referred to as soulmates with Yoko Ono Lennon and John Lennon for our type of action against war and poverty, as it is a peaceful and quiet protest action – and very persistent. We are probably the longest lasting peacemarch that has ever been arranged throughout the whole world.


The first Peace March took place on october 31st 2001. It was just a month and a half ago that the planes had crashed into The Twin Towers in New York, and just a few weeks after the invasion of Afghanistan. People feared that World War III was near, and ”all” conversations at this time, was related to this topic. And: how can we, as individuals, make a difference?


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