Almost everyone in the world knows who Yoko Ono is. Famous for being the wife of legendary Beatle John Lennon, she is also a multifaceted artist in her own right. The Japanese artist’s field of activity is diverse, ranging from performance art to film and music. And now, an event featuring Ono’s works is currently being held in Seoul.

“We have come up with this event to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the opening of our theater this year, with Yoko Ono, who is an independent female artist and a producer of alternative cinema” said Lee Seung-won, a PR official at the media theater i-Gong. The theater is known for focusing on alternative cinema, media for minority groups and discovering and distributing such films. It is also the organizer of the Seoul International New Media Festival, which is now in its 10th year.

“A retrospective of Yoko Ono like this is the second of its kind held in the country and you will be given a rare chance to review a considerable number of her films in one place,” Lee added. (The first Ono retrospective was YES YOKO ONO at the Rodin Gallery, Seoul in 2003)

A total of 11 films by Ono, grouped under five different themes, are on the program. Under the theme of “Yoko Ono Tag: Lover, John Lennon” are “Imagine” (1971) and “Two Virgins” (1972). The Paul McGrath-directed in-depth documentary “John & Yoko Give Peace a Song” (2006) and a 1975 episode of “The Dick Cavett Show” featuring the couple will be released for the first time in Korea.

Yoko Ono Tag: Now

오노 요코 단편 단편섹션1: Tag: 플럭서스 Fluxus (71min/8편)
1눈깜빡임Fluxfilm No.9 Eyeblink오노 요코 Yoko Ono 1966/ 1 min / B&W / silent
2성냥 Fluxfilm No.14 Match오노 요코 Yoko Ono 1966 / 4min 30sec / B&W / silent
34 Fluxfilm No.16 Four오노 요코 Yoko Onon 1966 / 5 min 30sec / B&W / silent
4파리 Fly오노 요코 Yoko Onon존 레논 John Lennon1970 / 25min / Color
5자유 Freedom오노 요코 Yoko Ono 1970 / 1min / Color
6건축물 Erection오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon1971 / 18 min / Color
7현대미술관에서의 전시 The Museum of Modern Art Show오노 요코 Yoko Ono 1971 / 7 min / Color
8컷피스 1965Cut piece 1965오노 요코 Yoko Ono 1965 / 9 min / Color

오노 요코 중장편 중장편섹션2: Tag: 연인 레논 Lover, John Lennon (80min/2편)
9두 동정녀 Two Virgins오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon 1972 / 19min 30sec / Color
10이매진 Imagine오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon 1971 / 60min / Color

중장편섹션3: Tag: 예술가 요코와 존 Artist Yoko and John Lennon (95min/2편)
11폭행 Rape오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon 1969 / 76min 30sec / Color
12절정 Apotheosis오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon 1970 / 18min 30sec / Color오노 요코 장편장편섹션4: Tag: 침대시위 1 Bed-in 1 (61min/1편)
13Bed-in 베드인 오노 요코 Yoko Ono존 레논 John Lennon1961 / 61 min / Color장편섹션5: Tag: 침대시위 2 Bed-in 2 (81min/1편)
14존과 요코, 평화에 노래를 John & Yoko Give Peace a SongPaul McGrath2006 / 81min / Color장편섹션6: Tag: 스타 Star (107min/1편)
15딕 카벳 쇼의 존 레논과 오노 요코 The Dick Cavett Show – John Lennon & Yoko Ono1975 / 107min / Color

Yoko Ono Tag: Musician

Aside from the films, which show Ono from different angles, the artist’s musicianship will be displayed at the media exhibit titled, “Yoko Ono Tag: Musician,” also being held at the theater.

1970 Yoko Ono – Plastic Ono Band
1974 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band & Something Different – Feeling The Space
1981 Yoko Ono – Season Of Glass
2001 Yoko Ono – Blueprint For A Sunrise
2007 ONO – Yes I’m A Witch
2009 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band – Between My Head & The Sky

From Plastic Ono Band to Re-born Plastic Ono Band, From 70s to 21C, you can listen to the musical world of Yoko ONO.
Once at the gallery, you can click the song you want to listen to.
The album covers and stories about the albums are on display at the entrance of I-GONG.

Special Events

In addition, two special events are now under way.

Tomorrow, from 6 to 9 p.m., a workshop dedicated to Ono will be hosted by Kim Hyun-ju, a local performance media artist. During the event, the visitors will have an opportunity to receive coaching from Kim in performance art exercises in the vein of Ono’s work.

The “Multi Artist Party,” which will be held this Friday from 5:30 to 10 p.m., is a multimedia tribute to Ono featuring three Korean female indie artists – Siwa, a singer-songwriter; Beetle Juice, a “soft psychedelic” duo; and Red Girl, a feminist playwright-cum-actress.

Red Girl will re-enact famous performances by Ono in her monodrama “Ah! Yoko Ono.”

“In my performance, I will act just as Yoko Ono did so that I can convey her courage and spirit directly to the audience and also pay homage to her,” the actress was quoted as saying by the theater.

“Yoko Ono Tag: Alternative Film, Fluxus, John Lennon” runs through June 30 at the i-Gong theater in Seogyo-dong, western Seoul. Tickets cost 6,000 won ($5.10) for adults and 4,000 won for youth and the disabled. There are extra fees for the three-hour workshop (29,000 won) and the show on Friday (20,000 won).

Tickets can be purchased either by contacting the organizer at [email protected] or at the door.

Go to Hongik University Station, line No. 2, exit 4. For more information, call (02) 337-2870 or visit

By Park Sun-young [[email protected]]