Dear Yoko Ono,

My students and I were inspired by your Wish Tree project, and as an end of the year art collaboration project, we decided to create one for our 8th Grade Farewell Ceremony. The students of my 8th grade art class worked together to make over 250 hand painted “wish tags” that were all unique by design, and all personally labeled with the names of all 8th grade students, teachers, faculty and staff. A tree was donated to our school, and all wishes were hand-tied by the students and teachers. We will be sending all of the beautiful tags – wishes included – to be housed in your Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, and our lovely little tree has been planted on our school grounds.

This project was very important to our students, as they live in a tough community, and this allowed them to think freely, wishing for their futures. We would like to thank you for such a wonderful idea. It unified our 8th graders, and gave them all hope and a dream to pursue.


Kristan Edwards

Kristan A. Edwards
Art Teacher
Lansdowne Middle School

Dear Kristan
What a beautiful collaborative work! I am impressed. Please give my love and respect to your students. Your students are members of the Family of Peace, which is growing every day, involving many, many people all over the world.
With love, yoko