01 – Mrs. Lennon – Cida Moreira
02 – Who Has Seen The Wind? – Hevelyn Costa
03 – Listen, The Snow Is Falling – Ampslina
04 – Death of Samantha – Digitaria**
05 – Why – Tetine**
06 – Midsummer New York – Fuzzcas
07 – Sisters O Sisters – Doidivinas
08 – Move On Fast – Marília Barbosa & Pelv’s**
09 – Yangyang – Silvia Machete*
10 – Kiss Kiss Kiss – Voz Del Fuego**
11 – Yes, I’m Your Angel – Mathilda Kovak**
12 – Don’t Be Scared – Isabella Taviani*
13 – I’m Moving On – Luen*
14 – Walking On Thin Ice – Katia B*
15 – It Happened – Angela Ro Ro*
16 – Goodbye Sadness – Zélia Duncan*

Conception & executive production by Marcelo Froes
Music direction by Clemente Magalhães
Co-exectuive production by Johann Heyss
Mastering by Ricardo Carvalheira
Graphic design: Bady Cartier

About ‘Mrs Lennon’

“Yoko Ono is the world’s most famous unknown artist” said John Lennon.

Introduced to the big masses as the girlfriend of the leader of the most famous band ever, Yoko saw her work – initially extremely avant-garde – under heavy attack from both the public and the critics. What the hell Lennon saw in her work, astonished Beatles’ fans wondered. But Yoko was never merely the shrieking chick most of the people got used to think. She has actually written many delicate songs as well as resolute, fiery rocks, which she recorded with competence and uniqueness. Yoko´s doing the music of the next century, said Lennon, trying to explain the public’s hostility toward the work of his wife and art partner. Meanwhile, a silent revolution was taking place: the punk and new wave movements, which turned Yoko into underground icon. In the 90’s Yoko’s music was born again under a new outlook when almost all her recordings were compiled, remastered and released as the six-CD pack “Onobox”. That was sort of a rehearsal for what was to come. The new century has brought the confirmation of Lennon’s prediction and Yoko Ono is now a very successful artist and musician. Her songs have been remixed by several top DJs and Yoko has already reached the top of Billboard’s dance music chart six times (as well as several top 10). Her last albums were praised by the critics, which was nearly impossible in the past and as unlikely as her current dancefloor diva status. John Lennon was indeed right regarding Mrs. Lennon’s peculiar talent.

So it’s just fair that music lovers get to know better Yoko Ono, the composer. The title track opens the album with São Paulo avant-garde diva Cida Moreira delivering a raw and haunting rendition that starts out a sequence that suggests some sort of rock-opera based on Yoko Ono’s life during the 70’s/80’s. Hevelyn Costa, a young singer from the south of Brazil, comes next, lending her melodious and sweet voice to Who Has Seen The Wind, a rare single from 1970 – when Yoko was recording and releasing pretty unorthodox tracks. Rock band Ampslina, from Recife (northeastern, Brazil), also chose a rare single from the 70’s – Listen The Snow Is Falling, B-side to the celebrated John & Yoko’s Christmas single, which keeps being re-released basically every year for almost 30 years now.

Electronic duo Digitaria, from Belo Horizonte (southeastern Brazil), one of the most prominent names of Brazilian electronic music now, contributed with an intimate and dense rendition of Death of Samantha – a favorite among Ono fans, there was even a punk band named after that song. Then we got one more Brazilian duo, the über-cult couple Tetine, currently living in London. In more than ten years of marriage and music partnership and several albums and live performances, the couple’s last production is their daughter Yoko, who was still living in Eliete’s womb when she sang, screamed, whispered and cried Tetine’s mutant funk version of the seminal Why.

Rio de Janeiro rockers Fuzzcas, lead by singer/composer Carol Lima, bring back the delightful good’n’old rock’n’roll of Midsummer New York – recorded and released when Yoko and John moved to New York in 1971. Doidivinas, a girls’ trio also from Rio de Janeiro, comes with Sisters O Sisters, written when Yoko and Lennon started hanging out with the strongest voices of the US left wing. Closing the sequence of 70’s rocks, Marilia Barbosa – well-known singer and actress since her very youth – shows up sided by Pelv’s – one of the most respected Brazilian indie bands. The result is Move on Fast, an angry, cathartic rock in which Marilia simply gives it all.

Silvia Machete lends her eclectic voice and her fun and competent interpretation to deliver the groovy and insane Yangyang, and follows the song’s unusual path with might and strength. Rio de Janeiro is also the home of Leandra Lambert a.k.a. Voz Del Fuego, well-known from her performances in several indie/alternative stages. Her lusty electropop fits the ultra-horny Kiss, Kiss, Kiss just fine. The next track is also from “Double Fantasy”: singer, composer, writer and enfant terrible on duty, Mathilda Kóvak chose Yes, I’m your Angel, to her eccentric rendition, influenced, according to herself, by cabaret, Betty Boop and Florence Foster Jenkins.

Also from the 1980 period, Don’t Be Scared was a discreet, short reggae in the posthumous album “Milk & Honey” (1984), but when Isabella Taviani decided to lend her powerful voice to that song, it could only turn into the accomplished track that opens the final sequence of 5 pop tracks perfect for massive airplay, all them produced by Clemente Magalhães. So we got the hard rock I’m Moving On as rendered by Luen, a young singer from the US who lives in Brazil and has just won a music-reality-show in Brazilian cable TV.

The last 3 tracks refer to the last night of the Lennons as a couple, to John’s passing, and to Yoko’s survival. Walking On Thin Ice was originally recorded by the couple at the very day of the night when Lennon was shot dead when getting back home with the tapes in his hands on 08/12/1980. Yoko released the single one month after and here this beautiful song is delivered by praised singer Kátia B, who’s been recording and performing for 20 years now. The single’s B-side was the resigned It Happened, which illustrates perfectly Yoko’s mourning and here comes as a blues in the voice of one of the most iconic Brazilian singers/composers, Angela Ro Ro, in her first studio recording after more than 4 years. Finally, the optimistic Goodbye Sadness portrays the period around 1981, when Yoko Ono had dried up her tears and decided she must survive to raise her 5 year old son Sean and face the world. No one could interpret such feeling better than the popular diva Zélia Duncan.

Having great singers revisiting Yoko Ono’s songs was something that Marcelo Fróes, director of the label Discobertas, had been planning for almost 15 years. The Brazilian music business would never absorb such Project, but after launching Discobertas, the idea turned into an actual project when Fróes – after releasing 3 great series of CD’s comprehending 200 tracks of versions to Beatles songs– unveiled to Johann Heyss his old dream. Electronic musician, underground connoisseur and an enthusiastic Yoko fan, Johann exulted and the idea started to materialize. It didn’t take long to compile and record the songs for the CD – the invited singers were all very excited about it – although it was all done in a highly discreet manner, a true top-secret mission that is now unveiled to the world.

Marcelo Fróes had conceived and produced in 2000 a tribute CD to John Lennon – Brazilian singers rendering his songs to celebrate his 60th birthday and 20 year passing anniversary. Yoko got a copy and, in 2001, after the 7/11, sent Marcelo a note saying: “Let’s meet again in 10 years and see what’s left of the sky”. Ten years after, a CD with Yoko Ono songs was the way that Fróes and Discobertas found to honor John Lennon in the year when he would be 70 and that will be also remembered as his death’s 30th anniversary.

Yoko has already listened to this CD, and enjoyed it. John would have certainly enjoyed it, too. Nothing better to celebrate Valentine Day in Brazil (June 12th) than celebrating the most iconic pop couple ever.”