by Benjy Eisen, Spinner

No stranger to the strange but certainly enjoying a revival on the club floor, Yoko Ono says that her recent success on the dance charts doesn’t really reflect a new direction or creative reinvention. “You should listen to songs like ‘Men, Men, Men,’ ‘O’Oh,’ ‘Will You Touch Me,'” Ono tells Spinner. “I’ve always had a dance hall chick side to me.”

That said, ‘Give Me Something’ is as much a product of modern times as it is a continuation of Ono’s ever-eclectic creativity. Ono says that she wrote the song in a flurry of inspiration right before she went into the studio. “I don’t remember if anything specific inspired me,” she confesses. “I remember I was envisioning a gray, cold city with people walking with hands in their pockets and putting the collars of their coats up.”

That may or may not be the final image that forms in your mind when you listen to this track, but one thing is not to be mistaken — when Ono screams the line “Give me something that’s not hard,” she fully intends for it to be a message of protest. After all, she reminds us, “I’m an activist. Remember?”

Oh, that’s right. We remember. Check out the song premiere below and then, you know, do something about it — especially if it involves dancing.