Isoko & Yoko Ono, 1936.

Isoko & Yoko Ono, 1936.


by Yoko Ono

On this Mother’s Day, we should all remember our mothers by calling them and saying, “I love you.” They deserve it! After all, you probably take for granted what your mother went through. She kept you in her tummy for long months nurturing you day and night. When you started to get bigger and bigger inside her, it was hard for her to even turn over in bed to get some sleep. When you finally came out in the world, she had the big job of raising you… which she did the best she could.

Sure, complex circumstances of life and our society made your Mom sometimes distant throughout your life. But, still, you were always in her mind because you are part of her body. The memory of that is stronger than she, and you, could ever admit.

Each time we were pushed out of our mothers into the world, she added a wonderful human being to this planet. And that’s how the human race has been created from the beginning of time. The male society plays that down a lot, I’ve noticed. They first complained that our planet was getting overpopulated. But now they are complaining that each country is getting overrun by old people, because we are not having enough babies! “Go back to your job, women!” That’s something a Prime Minister of Japan said in a speech! Well, we just laughed.

The minute-to-minute hardships women go through to carry their babies are never discussed or reported in the media, anywhere. No-one ever talks about carrying around that big tummy 24 hours a day. A staggering number of women don’t even survive the experience, and die during childbirth. But we never complain. We just remain thankful that our babies came out looking powerful and sweet at the same time. Every baby is a Revolution. Women Power has been busy bringing them out. Assisted by the kind brothers occupying the other half of the sky, of course!.

From our mothers, we learnt what “giving” truly means. Giving without asking for anything in return. We mothers know that what we give always comes back to us ten fold. Isn’t that a great investment? The rate is better than any stocks and bonds on Wall Street!

I love you for being wise mothers yourselves. But on this Mothers Day, let’s all remember our mothers and what they have done for us. Let’s understand that you were sometimes hard on her, as she was on you, too, I’m sure. Maybe she fainted because you wanted to have a tattoo all over your beautiful bod? Whatever happened, it’s time to let it go.

Remember our moms did not get much credit for doing all that hard work, which probably made it even harder on her. Through the years, there were moments we didn’t have much time to say “hi” to our moms because we were busy creating our own lives. That’s why you should call her this Mother’s Day and tell her you love her no matter how you feel at this moment. If your mother is no longer with you, send the message out to the Universe. She will get it. Remember, she loves you. Yes. And whether she knows it or not, she is waiting for that call from you with all her heart.

May 11th, 2014

Isoko & Yoko Ono, 1936.

Isoko & Yoko Ono, 1936.


Mommy, I’m sorry.
You have suffered silently.

Your life, your tears
and your laughter
have now become a memory.

This is a tribute to you and
all mothers of the world
from each of your children.

We love you!
y.o. ’14



Upload your mother’s photo to
our Facebook groupFlickr groupInstagram or Twitter.
Add the tag #mmib.

Write her name
a note about her, to her and to yourself.

If it gets to be a love letter,
a poem or a very long message
or as long as a novel (!)
that’s fine.

Make sure to squeeze her with big hugs and kisses in your mind
and send it with a sprinkle of  i ii iii

Yoko Ono Lennon
For Mother’s Day: Sunday 11th May 2014

By urging us to celebrate the maternal love we experienced as children,
or perhaps much later in life,
MY MOMMY IS BEAUTIFUL engages our most personal memories.

Let’s fill FacebookInstagramFlickr and Twitter
with thousands of tributes to the love that nurtures us all.

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