20 March 1969:
John & Yoko get married and begin their lifelong campaign for Peace.

“We decided that if we were going to do anything like get married that we would dedicate it to peace.
And during that period, because we are what we are, it evolved that somehow we ended up being responsible to produce peace.”
(John Lennon, Rolling Stone interview 1971)



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John Lennon & Yoko Ono: ‘Amsterdam’ from ‘Wedding Album’

John: What we’re really doing is sending out a message to the world, mainly to the youth, especially the youth or anybody really that’s interested in protesting for peace, or protesting against any forms of violence and we say everybody’s getting a bit heavy or bit intellectual about it. Everybody’s talking about peace, but nobody’s doing anything about it, except for a few people, and the things like the Grosvenor Square marches in London. The end product of it was just newspaper stories about riots and fighting. And we did the bed event in Amsterdam and the Bag Piece in Vienna just to give people an idea, that there’s many ways of protest and this is one of them. And anybody could grow their hair for peace or give up a week of their holiday for peace or sit in a bag for peace, protest against peace anyway, but peacefully. Because we think that peace is only got by peaceful methods and that to fight the establishment with their own weapons is no good, because they always win and they’d been winning for thousands of years. They know how to play the game ‘violence’ and it’s easier for them when they can recognise you and shoot you. They don’t know how to handle humour, and peaceful humour. And that’s our message really.

Q: What do you think was the biggest success in history, about 300 years?

John: Haven’t a clue.
Yoko: Well, maybe it’s still yet to happen, you see. That’s why we’re trying to do it. In other words, by very, very peaceful methods to bring peace, you know, instead of peace through violence, that’s what we’re trying to do. And if we succeed in that, that’s the biggest happening yet in the last 300 years, because it’s never been done and nobody has really tried it, you see. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

Q: What would you do in case of a war?
John: How do you mean?

Q: What would you do immediately if you would wake up in the morning, read the newspapers and they would tell you England is in war with France?

John: I’d die of fright.

Yoko: I don’t think that should happen. You talk as if something’s going to happen outside of us. We are all in this you see. We are all in the same society and in the same world and everything that happens to us is our responsibility, you know. Like any violence going in the world is just a symbol of all the violent atmosphere that is in the world, you see. And when the Nazis persecuted the Jewish people that wasn’t only Hitler who did it, or Germany who did it, but just a symbol of everybody in the world who had the feeling for the persecution of Jews, you see? So we share everything, so that’s not gonna happen. If there’s war suddenly, that’s our fault, you know.

Q: So what do you think about the behaviour of Austrian and Germans during the second world war? Don’t you think that they’re a little bit more responsible than the others?

John: No, not particularly.

Yoko: No, not particularly. No. The whole world, if the whole world was really aware of it and if the journalists and the communication media of those days were really aware of their responsibility as well and reported everything correct, you know, well, which is almost impossible, I’m sure, but as much as possible and if the whole world was aware of their responsibility, it could have been stopped, I’m sure.

John: Well, we know that Britain and a few other counties waited quite a long time before they made any decision about what to do. I’m not quite sure of the facts, you know, but after Czechoslovakia and things like that, they could’ve stopped it earlier, but they waited until it’s on the doorstep, you know, until it involves their money, or their territory.

Q: There’s a special type of petition that is vetoed by special contents ..

John: No. I don’t think so because…

Q: Hitler could have been voted by the French, for instance.

John: Every nation will have a prototype. I think I was out talking to one of the Austrian TV guys. I was saying “Can you name me one European country which hasn’t sort of raped the world?” and he said Austria actually was the only one that didn’t attack anybody else. They were always on the defensive. I don’t know whether that’s true.

Q: But they were silent at the wrong moment…

John: Okay, that’s bad, I agree that silence is bad. But I mean there isn’t one European country that hasn’t had it’s Hitler, one way or the other, including Britain, in what they did to India and South Africa, you know.

Yoko: So let’s go back to the future, you know. So that’s why we’re here. We want to talk mainly to the young people all over the world, because those are the people who are going to be the next generation. They’re going to be the next world, you know, and we just want to say we are with them. We’re not preaching or anything like that. We want to be with them and we’re with them and in our way, we’re just announcing that we’re open to all invitations or suggestions or anything to work for the world peace, you see, and we’re doing it now, in our own way, which we think is the best for us and also the young people have to realise that this is just as bad as before the second world war or right in the middle of it, you know, that everything, all the violence that is happening in the world now are our responsibility and if we don’t really realise it and immediately start something, action, you know, it’s going to be bad, you know. And it will be exactly like you said. One morning, we find in the newspaper, find that the whole world is going to disappear, you know.

Q: I agree with you, but don’t you see, I mean, it’s a fact that by through your behaviour, I think it’s okay, but for a lot of people, through your behaviour, to get suspicious. They don’t think that this can be correct, people sitting under a tablecloth protesting against wars. They don’t think…

Yoko: Okay, before they criticise us, you know, and if they want to criticise us, OK, go ahead, and they should do it in their own way, but do something, you know.

Q: So everybody should throw out his part of Hitler out of his soul, then?

John: Yes, yes, we all have it in us. In a way, we’re saying “we want peace” and we’re staying in bed for peace, but I’m as violent as the next man, and I’m sure yoke is just as violent just as well. We’re violent people, you know. I prefer myself when I’m non-violent. I prefer me friends when they’re non-violent. It just makes for easier living and if we have to have violence, let’s channel it. You know, I don’t know how, you know. There’s other people can work out how to channel it, or give them somewhere to play and kill each other or something. But I don’t want to be involved in their violence. I prefer to live in peace, you know.

Yoko: All you need is courage, you know. You can just go out in the street now and take off all your clothes and just say “Peace!” you know and you’ll be in the news you see. Just courage and if everybody gets courage and of course they would, because they would think all right maybe this is a little bit embarrassing thing to do, but look at John and Yoko they’re doing worse, so I can do it, you know. That’s all we’re trying to do, you see.

Q: So you’re putting courage, also, into the world?

John: We hope so.

Yoko: I hope so.

John: Okay.
(sound collage: Seagulls & musical tones)

John: Stay in bed!

John: Look there’s a fly flitting around. Just makes you laugh.

Yoko: What time is it?

John: What’s the time? Is it that late?

Yoko: What?

John: 9:30. Er.. Good morning. I was saying about Bagism, you see, you get in this bag and you jump out the window. Next thing you know, you got a policeman on your head. You want tea?

Yoko: You know what I want, John?

John: What, what, what, what. Oh, give us a chance! You want one before I do. Yes, I haven’t even got round to that. Could I have room service, please. Do you want toast?

Yoko: Just tea. Which do you want, coffee or tea?

John: Tea.

Yoko: Tea.

John: Two tea’s please. Yeah, 902. And some toast. Yeah, brown toast. Good morning. Yeah, yeah. I know and some toast. Brown toast. Yeah. Thank you. Bye, bye. Alright.
(scene change)

John: Hello, dog. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? No, no, no. It’ll just they take a lot of looking after. Well think about you, Amsterdam. He’s a lovely dog, huh.

Yoko: Yes, it’s lovely.

John: Thank you very much.

Visitor: Here you are.

John: Thank you. You gonna take him off me now’!

Visitor: Yes, if you don’t mind. Thank you very much.

John: I thought you were giving.. they just did a plug then…

Visitor: Bye, bye. Bye, bye. No, no.

John: I sort of was under that impression. She gave us the dog and then went away. Very nice.
(scene change)

Yoko: That’s rather sort of really swinging though. Don’t you think so?

John: The thought of the long haired Beatle in the 19th century sanctuary.
(scene change)

John: (reading a letter) “Please stop this nonsense. Go home. We don’t like people like you. Go to a doctor to be normal.” You get this? Go to a doctor to be normal. We’re seeing a psychiatrist today, so maybe he’ll fix us up then. Bloody marvellous. We don’t get through on some level, as you notice. Was that the marijuana. Beautiful, beautiful. Keep smoking. Let’s open it up. Nothing illegal beautiful, beautiful. Hey, those kids are as hard as the real press.

Yoko: Yes, amazing.

John: Amazing. They’re just as tough as the real press. Very sexy. It’s a boy, it’s a boy.

Q: Why are you staying in bed for 7 days?
John: Ah, because…

Q: Well, first of all, let me say congratulations on your marriage and that in Dutch is ‘Gefiliciteerd met je getrouw’.

John: Oh, dank u wel, oh, chocolat!

Q: How about explaining this mission you are on at this moment!

John: Well, you start…

Yoko: Well, because we thought of this idea about staying in bed for 7 days for protest against violence in the world.

Q: Did you think of its geographical situation as being the centre of Europe?

John: No, I didn’t realise, is it? Oh, fantastic! It was magic then, you see, cause the way…

Q: Well, they call it ‘The centre of Europe’. It’s an advertising campaign for an airline.

John: Okay, well give us a free ticket and we’ll be all right.

Various: Stand up! Bend over towards us. Stand up on your knees, maybe. Turn and on your knees. As soon as we can… but we need you here

John: So, anyway a policeman came in and an elephant jumped on me head, so I said what’s going on and he said cabbages and the next moment I was on film. Yeah?

Q: Love, Peace and Bed! Not forgetting jam of course. Okay, guess now it’s over?

Q: Are you cold?

John: No, no, no!

Q: Ciggies. Yeah, music, you know, if you go back to the days of a, of a, let’s see, where do we start now, we start with, er… ‘Do you love me?”

John: Not, not particularly. How about that? (singing) Good bye Amsterdam, goodbye.

Yoko: Stay in bed for Bed Peace. For peace of the world, stay in bed. Grow your hair.

John: Grow your hair. Okay, good night. Now it’s time to say good night, good night, sleep tight. Now the sun puts out his light. Thanks very much.

Yoko: What a beautiful day it was though. Very tiring, though. It’s so churning like crazy, you know.

John: You can say that sort of hot?

Yoko: Grow your hair.

John: Bed Peace.

Yoko: Hair Peace.

John: Hair Peace, Bed Peace. Oh, yeah.


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42 Responses to JOHN & YOKO Wedding Anniversary 20 March 1969

  1. melissa& Curtis rainbow says:

    Yoco, I think you are amazing
    Person. I would like to meet you some day.
    .when you come back to southern California
    ~~> peace in

  2. lynn c says:

    I saw these glasses in person. The rock hall of fame did an exhibit of John Lennon. As people walked around they came upon the display case that held these bloodied glasses. They got a look on their faces I will never forget.To know Yoko had allowed them to be put on displace was profound . Right there was the blood of John Lennon and the knowledge that for a mad man he would still be here with his family . I have never gone back to the rock hall, I saw all I needed to see that day.

  3. allen says:

    Generations to come will remember JOHN! Genius, and really an Artist by nature…

  4. Yoko, we miss him greatly, also! best wishes to you and your son Sean.

  5. Yoko, we miss him greaty, also! best wishes to you and your son Sean.

  6. Nancy says:

    Yoko, I am 73 and have followed John ever since the days of the Beatles and you ever since you came into John’s life. You are a beautiful couple. I pray for peace every day. I know peace will come and how it will come, I just don’t know when. Until then, sadly there will be more and more violence in the world but don’t ever stop spreading your beautiful message. You are reaching people and thats what counts!

  7. Terri Wright says:

    It is so sad that someone who was so determined to make peace a priority in this world died in such a violent way. I do not think Yoko should ever clean those glasses. The blood on that image are the blood from his heart. The heart that loved New York deeply loved his wife and children. Now he is a symbol of trying to stop the cause which took his life. I am so sorry that this man who had the ability to dream of a world many think can not happen. His children lost him forever. Plus the person who he lived for who lived for him is left to wonder what could have been. Tragic. Stop gun violence in this world or more wonderful lives will be sacrificed.

  8. wally:) says:

    Your strength,dedication and COURAGE to the memory of a true Messenger of LOVE will always be your greatest contribution to PEACE. We enjoy life through help and society of others—Pay It FORWARD:) GOD BLESS U!

  9. Thomas Kopfer says:

    Love and peace are right missions to world by John and Yoko!

    Best songs I never ever heard before:


    Strawberry Feelds Forverver

    Give Peace A Chance


    We All Water

    Thank you for all you done or do
    to make the word a little better

    Kind regards

    Thomas Kopfer

  10. Yoko, my thoughts are with you and John today. Thank you for all you do to help bring about a more just and peaceful world. You might like my review of the new picture book THE BEATLES WERE FAB (AND THEY WERE FUNNY), which I posted on my children’s book review site.
    Peace be with you!

  11. BIA says:

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono were born for each other, could not be otherwise, since they were two souls that need to unite. The most beautiful story of love and companionship. I’m always touched by their stories.

    i ii iii

    Peace and Light in your heart! 🙂


  12. Albert says:

    Yoko and through you, John,

    The Beatles then you two as a couple spun my head ’round. Your influence is in me still and now in my children. You married the day before my 21st birthday. I made a baby in late 1969 instead of making war. And I protested every American invasion since.

    It’s a constant war we have against huge corporate war profiteers and their politician puppets and in turn, their empty headed citizen followers.

    Yoko, I found this site actually looking for the location where you and John married. My memory (and “the Ballad…”) indicates Gibralter. Amsterdam – great choice – for your honeymoon. I am a businessman turned writer and I am writing an autobiography of that magic fun and horrible year, 1969. I too married that year. Please let me know.

    I missed meeting you and John, c. 1973 when John Wingate, a friend of mine at the time, had scheduled an interview with you in New York. Being a Lennon fan and follower, I was to help him prepare questions. As I recall, you got a lead on Kyoko’s whereabouts (somewhere in the Carribean) and you grabbed a flight out of town. I would chop three years off the end of my life to have been able to have had that day happen, at the Dakota or the WOR radio station.

    You inspired my italiano email address that I use for non-business. I will search for my answer online but welcome your direct response. Love & Peace from Albert, on a lovely peafowl, horse & chicken farm surrounded by nature, not far north from hyper Washington, D.C.

  13. Per says:

    All we are saying is give peace a chance!

    We love you Yoko, we love John and we will never forget you both!

    Love and Peace to you!

  14. Lizette says:

    I wasn’t born in the 60’s nor the 70’s. I was actually born 1989. I did not know anything about you, Yoko, and John. While being raised the both of you were non-existent. Only listening to the beetles as a teenager made me aware of John, but I never grasped the message. It was just a few years ago, I am 21 now, when I learned. I read, studied, and became inspired. Sometimes I forget, forget to practice peace. I practice more violence. But today, it’s a bright day you know. Today I knew something in life was different. I am now embarking on this journey and I want to help make a change. First I must learn to change myself. Peace is the way to live. Peace makes everything more clearer. Thanks to the both of you, the one side that makes a beautiful difference will take over my mind, body, and soul.

  15. Walter Falter says:

    Today on Meet The Press, rountable discussion with Ted Koppel, Bob Woodward and Tom Ricks. Transcript available. Quote from Tom Ricks….
    “All Obama is saying is give war a chance”.
    How very far we have fallen, I miss him.

  16. Rachel says:

    Dear Yoko
    Happy Anniversary to you and John. In 1969 I wasen’t even born, I was born 1996, I just love The Beatles, I hope you read this. Well I love your cause, love and peace, that’s what we all want. I love the old music, back theese day’s when everything was so simple. I just like to thank you Yoko for being there for John. I know he loved you, and we love you for that.
    Thanks for The Inspire.
    Love and Peace Rachel

  17. Connie Colvin says:

    Yoko, I wish things were different, but, I wish you well at this occasion and all special times. It is a sad old world these days, but at least in your corner, and with the spirit of John with all of us, you are doing what you can. I do hope it will happen one day, for all of our sakes. Love to you and Sean always, Connie

  18. freed says:

    Dear Yoko,
    In 1969, i was but 17, just not aware yet what you both did then. It took a little while, and ever since, i dedicated my life to peace. Actually, to unity – unity is the wider concept, understanding that we are all One (even Hitler, as you remarked). Seven billion facets of a life form presently here on Earth. Learning to co-operate, to co-create, to inspire. That is what you both did and you Yoko went on doing. Thank you for your perseverance.

    • Yoko Ono says:

      Thank you for your understanding. Love, yoko

      • sonya says:

        I was brought up listening to the Beatles. I love the partnership that Lennon and McCartney had, but as they say all good things must end. Lennon dedicated his life to peace, I’m glad he did not have to see what this world has come to since his passing. As for the statements that Yoko broke up the Beatles ,that is absurd . The Beatles had there own share of troubles it’s called business and when there are 2 that want control it ends bad. I’m just glad that John finally found peace and happiness with Yoko. Thank you Yoko for keeping his legacy alive for future generations!

  19. kmoran says:

    As an Organizational Development Consultant, I know that timing is everything when it comes to real change. Helen Thomas and Piers Morgan had the courage to speak to the question of Nuclear weapons in Israel. This is key, and we should all be grateful to Helen Thomas for the gift of Truth. Instead, she is ostracized.
    Edward Deming, who rebuilt Japan, said “Ask WHY 5 times” The secrecy of the nuclear capabilities of Israel is creating a nuclear build up in Middle East, and must be discussed openly without fear of the Jewish lobby organization AIPAC.
    We are currently in the chaos of change, or what Kurt Lewin called “unfreezing.”
    Unless these changes are set in motion now, things will never change.
    Please support Helen Thomas, and follow her lead.
    Pray for Peace

  20. Stephanie Tomazic says:

    John was right when he said that most people can’t handle humor. Why are people afraid to laugh? It makes the heart happy, and a good laugh makes people happy.
    When John was killed, I cried for three days. He never hurt anyone. I never knew him personally, but he was like a brother to me. His music means so much.
    “I know it’s hard to be someone, but it all works out.” Yes it is hard to be someone.
    And I know in my heart that he loved people. I know that he would been at George’s side, as George struggled with cancer. I know he would have been there.
    His lyrics will live on forever. I picture myself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marshmallow skies!

  21. BIA says:

    Hi Yoko!

    Congratulations for this day so special, you and John are so unique that looks like a movie, fiction seems that there was a couple so indescribable and amazing. I liked it when John said: “I’m the fish and you are the sea … I’m the apple and you’re the tree … I’m the door and you’re the key.”



  22. Thank you for sharing this dialogue, lovely! Happy Anniversary to you and John!
    I hope you dance together in the moonlight! XO

  23. Daniele E. says:

    Bravo! For the seeds you sowed…I am one of the shoots!

  24. Mercedeswishes says:

    Bless you yoko on this day, may you treasure those precious memories that you had between you, and believe that thoughts are alive, and that Johns soul wil always be a strength behind you when you least expect it:)) Yoko a good strong woman.. Love Mercedes Uk

  25. Natasha says:

    This old world is done by brighter from the lives similar to yours

  26. tk says:

    Happy wedding anniversary!! I love the wedding photo! 😉

  27. kmoran says:

    How prophetic!
    I believe peace is possible with this generation and the technology they have developed for communication…Once you know people as human beings, you cannot kill them.

    The events of late are telling us to pay attention. Now is the time wage peace and save the planet. Let’s come together. Folks are looking for a leader…

    Pray for Peace

  28. Sonia Vinluan says:

    You and John are the most wonderful couple on earth and both of you produced a beautiful son out of love..

  29. Jan says:

    Dear Yoko
    These words should be heard by all at these strained and hard times Worldwide. Mother nature can create chaos so human nature should create peace to make the World a better place for the human race, whether it be man, woman, child and animal.
    This message is so powerful and why cannot all people in power throughout the World hear this but isnt war all about that demon called money? Regular people fight and die, politicians gain money and live it up.
    A friend of mine died in Afghanistan in 2009 by being shot through the head – he didnt need to be there, no soldiers need to be at War. Greed is a big enemy when it comes to the fight for peace.
    Happy Anniversary to you both Mr & Mrs Lennon…you may not be together in body but I am sure you are both still together in spirit. On behalf of myself and my children who I am raising to have the same values as I have, as you do and many special others in this crazy mixed up World of ours do – thank you!
    Love & best wishes x x

  30. iarafoschino says:

    Happy anniversary Mrs Yoko and John Lennon . Thanks so much to share , the voice of your and John discussing peace, it is a true gift..I was very touching to hear your cute accent since it reminds of my dear Tomadachi from Osaka .

  31. NommieNom says:

    Thank you for sharing this! My father worked with the beatles – on the music – John Lennon is in my heart always.

  32. Loni Edwards says:

    Peace and love, Yoko. I wish you well today.

  33. Annemarie says:

    The project of peace you were starting in 1969 with your wedding is still a very strong message for the world. Very helpfull.
    Thanks for that!

  34. Teresa C says:

    In 1969 I was also 11, almost 12. I loved the Beatles and I didn’t really understand what John and Yoko were doing. But I can appreciate it now and I applaud their dedication to peace. All we are saying is give peace a chance! Forever remembered John.

  35. Loved listening to the peace movement wedding…If we’re talking about world peace, count me in!

  36. Daniele E. says:

    i love your spirit, john and yoko…i, too was 11 in 1969! here’s a quote i came across just earlier tonight. I think you’ll agree it fits real well with the spirit of the above:

    Cherokee Teaching:
    “An elderly Cherokee man was teaching his grandchildren about Life…..

    He said to them “ A fight is going on inside of me; it is a fight between two Wolves. One wolf is Fear, Anger, Envy, Sorrow, Regret, Greed, Arrogance, Self-pity, Guilt, Resentment, Inferiority, Lies, False pride, Superiority and Ego.

    The other wolf is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Sharing, Serenity, Humility, Kindness, Benevolence, Friendship, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, Compassion and Faith. This same fight is going on Inside You and inside every other person too.”

    They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather,

    “Which Wolf will Win?”

    The old Cherokee replied simply,

    “The One You Feed…”

    • Yoko Ono says:

      I first heard this cherokee teaching a long time ago… but still, you made me choke up with its wisdom. Thank you for the reminder. I’m with you! Love yoko

  37. Genie DJinn says:

    In 1969, I was 11, and wished that time would stand still- and peace would break out. Today I see how prescient Yoko and John were about having peace inside their own reality which radiates into the world. When enough of us join with the same intent
    peace will be everyone’s reality.
    The ‘bed in’ was seed planting time. The youth have grown up with this seed embedded in their psyche. I believe the time is now ripe for this to manifest 🙂
    I intend to live to see this happen.
    The internet can bring us together as the most powerful peaceful force in history.
    I remain 11 in my heart forever. Namaste! DenverDJinn

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