Dear Friends,

I just watched the #smilesfilm! It blew my mind! In fact, tears ran down my face and there was no stopping. I just didn’t know that there are still so many beautiful people on Earth, since i am reading the papers every day of murders, bombings, and major pollutions caused and hidden to us by corporations.

In fact, the film made me cry all the way. It’s so beautiful. And I feel I know each one of you. Yes! Didn’t we all meet sometime in our lives? We know each other, right?

I say thank you, thank you, thank you, to all participants of this film. Thank you for having bothered to take your time to send your smile! This is a film that will give such a joy to the world, forever. Like the song, IMAGINE, this film should be put in a capsule and send it out to the stratosphere and to the Universe!

Meanwhile, we will add this film to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, together with the wishes coming from all over the world.

Again, thank you!

I love you!!!


Yoko Ono
3 April 2010

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