We would like to share our little clip from last summer festival at Camp Bestival (UK) with you.
During the 3 days we made lots of creative animal costumes with the kids and had a wall dedicated to Peaces Wishes…

WE MAKE PEACE is an international non-profit organization working with Peace Education in schools internationally. I have recently moved to New York with my husband, and would love to thank you for all your inspiration and wonderful work.

You can see the clip HERE

All the best,

Marie Brown
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WE MAKE PEACE is an international not-for-profit organization. We work to incorporate peace education into schools locally and internationally through our educational materials, workshops and campaigns. Our resources are suitable for primary and secondary school at Keystage 2 & 3 or for the age group of the 8-13-year-olds.

The teaching materials are interdisciplinary and applies to the Every Child Matters outcomes. They are suitable to be taught in English, Citizenship, PSHE, Art, Music and Drama, targeted the 8-13yrs.

WE MAKE PEACE gives children tools to practice peace in their everyday environment. We teach young people to write about peace, debate, act, design, invent, compose lyrics, create songs and films about peace. The educational content is focused around the five elements from the textbook A Recipe for Peace which are: Positivity, Love, Empathy, Acceptance and Democracy. The student exercises cover the following content:

Human Rights and the UN Child Convention
Conflict resolution and pupil mediation
Friendship and anti-bullying principles
Innovation and creative troubleshooting
Basic human needs
Social and cultural differences and likenesses
Global peace issues

WE MAKE PEACE was successfully tried and tested in Denmark in more than 140 schools nationwide in 2007 ending with a great open exhibition of artwork, film and live workshops made by children, running for a month in january 2008 at the ¯ksnehallen exhibition space.

We are running pilot projects in schools in the UK at the moment.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how to teach with WE MAKE PEACE or want to get involved.

Sign up to our Facebook Group and please visit our blog for more info.

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WE MAKE PEACE are running pilot projects in UK schools this autumn /winter 2009/10.

If you want your school to take part please drop us a line, or see www.wemakepeace.wordpress.com for more info.

WE MAKE PEACE launched with a big bang at Camp Bestival, July 24-26th, 2009.

We had an amazing time offering fun, peaceful activities for the whole family at the lovely summer festival situated around the beautiful grounds of Lulworth castle.

Our tent was located in the Kids Garden where you could also find Nickleodeon’s famous Spongebob figure, the National Ballet, Save the Children, Arts and face painting tents.

We are very happy and pleased with the popularity of the tent. More than 400 children stopped by to make their own fancy dress costume for this years animal magic theme, and we had 230 peace wishes on our peace wall.

Other peace activities included a massive group hug on the main festival field, aided by the brilliant Blue Coats.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the Kids garden. We hope to see you again next year.

Marie Mamonia speaks about the need for Peace Education as a subject and what the WE MAKE PEACE learning pack has to offer schools and pupils of the agegroup 8-13yrs. For more information visit: www.wemakepeace.org

WE MAKE PEACE is a not for profit organization working to incorporate peace education in to schools at Key Stage 2&3 in the UK and internationally. WE MAKE PEACE is translated from the successful nationwide Danish campaign, Vi Skaber Fred which ran in AW2007/08. Please visit our blog for more information: http://wemakepeace.wordpress.com

Messages of PEACE

  • Every child needs peace
  • Every child has the right to a peaceful life
  • Every child should learn how to practice peace
  • Only by practicing peace do we become good peacemakers
  • Every child should have time to play and be creative
  • Every child should feel safe at night
  • Every child should have talented role models


The WE MAKE PEACE campaign is well thought out and visually stimulating and it tackles big concepts in ways that are accessible to young people. Its power lies in its positivity. It does not place its focus on the negative but instead embraces the positive. By encouraging schools to put peace firmly on their agendas and through their use of a contemporary approach they really are an exciting prospect.

Caroline Nicholson, Schools Programme Manager, WarChild


We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals, teachers, young people and strong role models to get actively involved with WE MAKE PEACE.

All financial support is welcome.
We are currently relying on donations, gifts and grants to do our work.

If you like what you see and want to support us – Why not start by writing a statement of support, stating who you are and what you like about our campaign and objectives.

For all support enquiries please contact:
becky (@) wemakepeace.org
emmanuel (@) wemakepeace.org
or marie (@) wemakepeace.org