We asked some other notable musicians, including Yoko Ono, Gallows and Biffy Clyro, to put their questions to Courtney Love, the current cover star of Clash Magazine.

Yoko Ono: “I recently did a two-hour BBC radio show where I mixed my own choice of music. One of the tracks I chose was one of my favourites: ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole. This is what I said about it: “It’s a brilliant, brilliant song by Courtney Love. The song represents all mothers of the world today: desperate, angry, totally sad, and also extremely intelligent. She’s an incredibly complex woman and she has incredible vulnerability as well.” so, my question is: ‘Hey Courtney, did I catch you right?’

Courtney Love: “That’s overwhelming. I’ve never had an encounter with Ms. Ono Lennon. I did write a song about her called ‘20 Years In The Dakota’. Yes, she’s right. I don’t know what to say. Wow. I can tell you this: I’d just had Frances and Kurt came into the hospital with a Yoko Ono boxset and I threw it at his head. I was so offended by it, because of what it meant. He thought that was cool, I did not at the time. He loved Yoko Ono and he loved her work. Then I got round to listening to it and I thought she was quite brilliant. Bizarre but brilliant. She sticks with her own thing. Why was I offended? Because she got so much shit – I wrote in the song: “You don’t fuck with the fabulous four, or you spend the rest of your life picking things up off the floor””.

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