A multimedia production company that produces non-fiction stories to entertain & inspire progress within local & global communities, partnered with CHALK4PEACE and the Mid-City West Community Council, to create peace on the streets of Los Angeles 9/12/09. Their CHALK4PEACE event drew many from the Miracle Mile Artwalk to the Bank of America parking lot to draw, sample organic treats, and enjoy a stage full of great original music, including Sycon Solar DJ who put the sunny day to good use with songs about community and peace. iNIDIGO PROjECT brought together a veritable cornucopia of enlightened organizations to create an event that that left an inspiring mark on the heart of LA. They’re so great at creating the story…thanks go out to Nicholas Stich, Saray Dieseil, Bailey Hollingsworth, & the entire iNDIGO PROjECT crew, friends and supporters. iNDIGO PROjECT: photo: Justin Davidson

Waples Mill Elementary School, Oakton, VA, Sept 14, 2009

They hosted their third annual CHALK4PEACE event on Sept. 14, 2009.
“More than 130 children with parent, middle school, and high school volunteers came to participate in this event. The students helped us paint the World the colors of Peace. Our “CHALKSTARS” lit up the front sidewalks with their visions and symbols of peace.” This was an event for children third through sixth grade with the support of our PTA and the instruction of art teacher, Marilyn Miyamoto. Marilyn was also the photographer of this project. Thank you Waples Mill for your fantastic contributions to CHALK4PEACE!

Grundschule Thadenstr, Hamburg, Germany 9 Sept. 2009

Katja Frank wrote CHALK4PEACE three years ago saying that one day she would organize an event. Last year, we received photos from her of this event at her school. Tremendous spirit in these photos. Katja is an artist & arts psychotherapist who also works with the homeless and a leading member of Toastmasters in her community. This will be their 2nd year.

Cape Town. South Africa

Angela Rackstraw, Founder of The Community Arts Therapy Programme, announced that it has scheduled its CHALK4PEACE event for Friday, September 17, 2010. This is its fifth year of CHALK4PEACE and will again take place on the steps of St. George’s Cathedral. She also created an event in Nyanga on the walk way to her offices. Angela is tireless in her work with greatly disadvantaged youth & encourages art as theraputic expression. She learned of C4P from Nobel Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who has advocated for CHALK4PEACE. Angela, an arts therapist, was one of Ode Magazine’s 2009 Most Intelligent Optimists, and was nominated by Archbishop Tutu. Ode Magazine writes, “she’s a healer who endows them with hope. She gives children a future and that’s a gift to us all.”

Washington, DC

Marielle Mariano, Artist & Arts Educator, has spearheaded the East Coast CHALK4PEACE efforts since the beginning of the global movement in 2006. As an educator at Woodlawn & Groveton E.S., schools in the Fairfax County Public School system, she not only encouraged the rest of the Fairfax schools to participate (120 schools last year), she has also organized CHALK4PEACE at Dr. MLK Jr. Memorial Library, with her students being the core energy that powers the downtown Washington event every fall. She has attended more than 60 C4P events since 2006, advocating, fundraising and teaching the art of peace throughout the Beltway. She has also photographed some 50 sites for CHALK4PEACE.

CHALK4PEACE Mission Statement

  • To promote the arts by coordinating assemblies of young artists of all ages to draw their vision of peace in public & private spaces with sidewalk chalk as a scheduled worldwide event
  • To advocate for peace in a non-partisan manner such that all people may share their visions and messages of peace without regard to their nationality, ethnicity, or political beliefs
  • To encourage relationships between municipalities and artists so that communities around the world become united in supporting the expression of peace.

Facts about CHALK4PEACE

  • Since 2006- 500 sites; 17 countries, 26 states: US, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, England, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Bosnia, the West Bank, Columbia, Costa Rica, Turkey, India, France, Ecuador, Italy, Puerto Rico and probably elsewhere…
  • Imagery drawn totals 1.2 million square feet, or 47 miles of sidewalk five feet wide
  • Several Academy Award winning artists & directors from PIXAR showed students the art of chalk painting at the Beach School, Piedmont, CA during CHALK4PEACE…

Crane Country Day School, SB, CA photo: Will Fredericks


CHALK4PEACE is a global chalk art peace project that began through the Museum of Modern ARF, Arlington, VA in 2003 as Modern ARF Chalk Painting. A Sunday chalk lesson for the community expanded rapidly into a series a major chalk painting festivals & events around the DC Beltway. After witnessing thousands of drawings influenced by the natural global viewpoint of Washington, I began to see a universal expression. People use chalk to draw hopes, dreams and messages. CHALK4PEACE was born from the symbols many young artists were creating. The Arlington Arts Commission supported our first organized festivals, including CHALK4PEACE.

The first CHALK4PEACE event in America took place at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library on July 15, 2005, in Washington, DC. In conjunction with the DC Arts Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the Mayor’s Office of Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs & the DC Public Library System, the Museum of Modern ARF coordinated the event for 100 young artists. Safeway, Target & McDonald’s were supporters of the event; Modern ARF donated the chalk. The artfulness and thought of these drawings was the inspiration to launch CHALK4PEACE worldwide.

The conviction that the world should be informed of such an event was a daunting mission. I began a personalized email campaign that reached out to who might be interested. 5000 personalized emails. In spring, ‘06, FedExKinko’s, Arlington, donated the printing of nine 9’ x 3’ banners & 3000 copies of the newsletter. With banners around the Beltway, the curiosity about CHALK4PEACE began to swell.

A C4P poster faced the Defense Intelligence Agency that was across the street. The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Washington Post & Arlington Connection newspapers told their readers about this global endeavor in blessedly well-timed articles around the Sept. ’06 weekend. We know of about 50 sites & 300 volunteers who participated that decisive weekend on three continents that first year. 2009 brought totals to 500 sites & more than 1000 volunteers on five continents. We’ve heard great stories. Over 70 articles & blogs have featured CHALK4PEACE. People are giving peace its chance.

Hundreds of fantastic photographers have contributed their services to create the CHALK4PEACE Archive, making it one of the most thoroughly documented of global annual peace events. All info about CHALK4PEACE is now 100% electronic. It might be said that it’s a true grassroots movement, but we don’t draw on grass. YOU have covered 47 miles of sidewalk so far, in the name of CHALK4PEACE.

We envision very large collaborative art projects, like painting in front of Coventry Cathedral, St. George’s Steps, Dr. King’s library, the Brandenburg Plaza & the Pentagon parking lot as continuing healing & affirmation ceremonies. CHALK4PEACE is encouraged not only throughout the month of Sept., but anytime someone feels the need.

We are working hard to bring peace to the world every day, especially on the Intl. Day of Peace, Sept. 21.

Let 2010 be the year we reach ONE MILLION ARTISTS. Your support of CHALK4PEACE helps us bring the dialog to the world.

CHALK4PEACE is a CAUSE on Facebook.

We draw to bring about peace. Because we have a lot to CHALK about.

Coming again to a pavement near you in 2010! CHALK4PEACE.

Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA. photo: Jerry Downs Photography


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Valley View E.S. Richmond, CA. photo: Jerry Downs Photography

CHALK4PEACE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) arts organization. Donations are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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