Yoko Ono: Wish Tree For Zuccotti Park

Wish Tree for Zuccotti Park
Make a wish.
Ask the tree to send your wishes
to all the trees in the world.
For Truth, Justice and Peace.
y.o. ’11

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Wish Tree: Hukuoka Senior High School, Iwate, Japan

Sun 25 Dec 2011 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

  Dear Ms. Ono Yoko, Hello! We are students at Hukuoka Senior High School in Iwate, Japan. Our school just celebrated its 110th anniversary this year! There are 521 students in our school at present. Some notable graduates of our school include graphic artist Fukuda Shigeo and physicist Tanakadate Aikitsu, who also invented Nihon-shiki Romanization. […]

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Group Show: Some Enchanted Evenings (Nuite Blanche) [Toronto, Canada]

Thu 05 Aug 2010 - Events & Exhibitions News

Some Enchanted Evenings A Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 5th Year Retrospective Exhibition September 20 to October 3, 2010 Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West, East Lobby, Toronto, Canada [map] Four enchanted evenings, each so different, so appealing. Selected artworks by artists from Canada and around the world – video art, site-specific installations, sculpture, painting, multi-media performative […]

Yoko Ono: Wish Tree [Hirshhorn, Washington DC, USA]

Thu 08 Jul 2010 - Wish Trees

When You Wish Upon a Tree at the Hirshhorn by Brandon Springer — Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden for Smithsonian.com Some wish for their mothers. Some wish for their fathers. Some wish for siblings or friends, children or partners. Some wishes are rather rude. Some wishes are earnest and sweet. Yoko Ono’s Washington D.C. Wish […]

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER unveiling ceremony in Second Life on 09 Oct 09

‘I dedicate this light tower to John Lennon. My love for you is forever.’ Yoko Ono ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’ John Lennon ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’ Yoko Ono IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Images from official IMAGINE PEACE TOWER Second […]

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Peace Crane Wish Tree by Jackie Mallan-King

Wed 30 Sep 2009 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

I was inspired to do a variation of Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree Project with my Humanistic Traditions II class that I teach at the University of Central Florida in Orlando during a unit on 17th Century Japanese arts and culture.  Yoko’s message of peace and unity is too important to keep to one’s self, so […]

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Yoko Ono LIVE: Passages For Light [Stanford, CA]

Wed 07 Jan 2009 - Events & Exhibitions

Yoko Ono to speak at Stanford By Cynthia Haven, Stanford Report, 19 December 2009 John Lennon once called her “the world’s most famous unknown artist: Everybody knows her name, but nobody knows what she does.” Avant-garde artist, musician and activist Yoko Ono, Lennon’s widow, will be visiting campus Jan. 14 to give a lecture, “Passages […]

Yoko Ono: Between The Sky and My Head [Gateshead, UK]

Thu 01 Jan 2009 - Events & Exhibitions

Major Yoko Ono Retrospective at Baltic by Brenda Burrell, The Photography Pages A big show like this hardly needs introduction and there’s room to be wary of promoting celebs, but do go and see this, do go. Much of her work brings forth unquantified emotion, some undoubtedly sentimental, but other pieces simply bring an unexpected rawness to […]


Tue 02 Dec 2008 - Feature, Written work

Hi, my friends! Now, I’m in Tokyo for the annual Dream Power Concert. The top Japanese rockers play and sing John’s songs each year. All the proceeds of the concert go to building schools in Africa and Asia. Mainly in Africa. This is the eighth year of this concert, and, in seven years, we have […]

Yoko Ono: Wish Trees for Gateshead [Gateshead, UK]

Mon 01 Dec 2008 - Wish Trees

As part of Enchanted Parks in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, (4-14 December 2008) Yoko Ono will present Wish Trees for Gateshead – where visitors are invited to express their hopes and dreams by writing wishes on paper and hanging them on one of the trees. Wishes from Wish Trees for Gateshead will be gathered at the […]

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Wish Trees for Pasadena – a report by Mikihiko Hori

Snow in California by Mikihiko Hori Yoko Ono’s participatory art project, “Wish Tree for Pasadena” at the central courtyard of One Colorado in Pasadena, California, which started on August 2nd, ’08, has just ended its display on November 9th, ’08. For “Wish Tree for Pasadena”, 21 living crape myrtle trees (Lagerstroemia) were set up and […]

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Wish Trees for Pasadena Move to their New Home Today Today the crepe myrtles that were part of the Wish Tree for Pasadena installation at One Colorado will be planted at their new, permanent home at Arlington Garden. Dedication is 10:00 A.M. …The trees are being dedicated as a permanent contemplative grove at Arlington Garden in Pasadena. Arlington Garden is a […]

WISH TREE by Wieke Terpstra

Dear Friends I’d like to inform you about the big Wish Tree that has been built by the dutch artist Wieke Terpstra with the help of Younes El Ouai and Christopher Inees (pupils of the school ‘de Einder’ in The Hague, Netherlands). The Wish Tree is 2.5 meters high and made of steel.  It’s painted […]

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Group Show: Chanel’s Mobile Art [NY, USA]

Fri 17 Oct 2008 - Events & Exhibitions

Chanel Mobile Art 2.55 gets a 5 Cameron and I like free stuff in the city, but as it turns out nothing in this city is ever really free. Chanel has sponsored a mobile art exhibit in Central Park at Rumsey Playfield near Bethesda Fountain. Artists, including Yoko Ono, designed their exhibits through inspiration of […]

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Group Show: Nuite Blanche [Toronto, Canada]

Sat 04 Oct 2008 - Events & Exhibitions

Yoko Ono’s career rehab complete Yoko Ono’s rehabilitation from Beatles-buster to revered artist is now so thorough that no contemporary art season feels complete without some inclusion of her work or reference to her abiding influence. Just check out her work at Nuit Blanche tonight (even though she won’t be on hand herself). “I am […]


Yoko Ono loves you. But that’s only one of the messages that the avant-garde artist, who became a household name during her romance with Beatle John Lennon, is sending through her latest interactive work, “Wish Tree for Pasadena,” on display through Nov. 9 among the tables and chairs in the One Colorado courtyard. Ono’s “Wish […]

Yoko Ono: Wish Trees for Pasadena [Pasadena, CA, USA]

Sat 02 Aug 2008 - Events & Exhibitions, Wish Trees

Yoko Ono: Wish Trees for Pasadena 2 Aug 2008 – 9 Nov 2008 One Colorado, 24 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103 The Armory, One Colorado, 41 Hugus Alley, Old Pasadena, CA 91103 West Colorado Blvd. Between N Fair Oaks & N Delacey Ave. [Map] Public access to Ono’s art installation and the One Colorado Courtyard […]

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