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Message from Yoko Ono Dear Friends, In 1969, John and I were so naïve to think that doing the Bed-In would help change the world. Well, it might have. But at the time, we didn’t know. It was good that we filmed it, though. The film is powerful now. What we said then could have […]

New Statesman – Top Ten Creative Campaigns: Honeymoon “bed-in” for peace 1969

Fri 28 Jan 2011 - Interviews & Articles

Top Ten Creative Campaigns | Honeymoon “bed-in” for peace | 1969 by Victoria Mitchell. New Statesman The former member of the Beatles John Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, recognised the value of press attention that was focused on their nuptials and exploited this to petition for world peace. The couple drew attention to the […]

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Forbes: Overrated or Underrated? Marilyn Monroe, The Beach Boys, Yoko Ono

Fri 27 Aug 2010 - Interviews & Articles

by Craig Silver, The Culture Mulcher, Forbes One of the best features in American Heritage magazine, at one time owned by Forbes, was the recurring section titled “Overrated / Underrated.” Unabashedly subjective and ideologically unpredictable—it even punctured St. Reagan–it offered nuggets of controversy on every sort of subject. American Heritage no longer publishes the feature, […]

The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon

Tue 02 Feb 2010 - Yoko reads

The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon, from Skywriting by Word of Mouth I’d always had a fantasy about a woman who would be a beautiful, intelligent, dark-haired, high-cheekboned, freespirited artist (a la Juliette Greco). My soul mate. Someone that I had already known, but somehow had lost. After a short visit to India on […]

Bed-In school project by Moriah

Sun 26 Jul 2009 - Imagine All The People

Dear Yoko, Our daughter, Moriah, did a school project depicting the Bed In for peace and she wants to share it and to invite its use for constructive purposes. Thank you Yoko, for all you do. love, Alamantra Dear Alamantra, thank you for sending beautiful photos of what your daughter created. I love the fact […]

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Bed-In for World Peace: organised by The World March for Peace & Nonviolence – 16 Aug at Cherry Hill Fountain, Central Park, NYC.

Wed 15 Jul 2009 - Imagine All The People

Bed-In for World Peace The World March for Peace and Nonviolence invites you to join us (weather permitting!) on Sunday, August 16 at 1 PM in Central Park’s  Cherry Hill Fountain to commemorate and celebrate the spirit of nonviolence, an idea whose time has come. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Yoko Ono and […]

BED PEACE 2009: 40th Anniversary 1969-2009

Mon 25 May 2009 - Imagine All The People

The John & Yoko Amsterdam Bed-In took place from 25-31 March 1969 at The Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, Holland. The John & Yoko Montreal Bed-In took place from 26 May to 2 June 1969 at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada, culminating in the recording of the anthem “Give Peace A Chance” on the night of […]

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IMAGINE: The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko [Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada]

Fri 10 Apr 2009 - Events & Exhibitions

A “conscientious objector” during a period of societal and political crisis throughout the world, John Lennon, along with his muse and alter ego Yoko Ono, sang a message of hope and tolerance that sought the transformation of violence into peace, and hate and racism into love. Today, the work they carried out together has not […]

Happy Xmas WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It)

WAR IS OVER!: Watch the film. Between 6 Jan – 2 Feb 2009, look out for the IMAGINE PEACE / WAR IS OVER! billboards  in Times Square, New York (W46th St & Broadway – to the left of Virgin Records)  and Washington DC (901 6th St & K St NW at the Hampton Inn).   […]

Group Show: Between Art and Life – Performativity in Japanese Art [Geneva, Switzerland]

Wed 26 Nov 2008 - Events & Exhibitions

Opening Thursday 27 november 6-9pm Curator: Katya García-Antón The Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève is proud to present “Between Art And Life. Performativity In Japanese Art”, a group exhibition including Atelier Bow-Wow, Taro Izumi, Yayoi Kusama, Yasumasa Morimura, Yoko Ono, Takako Saito, Tomoko Sawada, Shimabuku and Rikuo Ueda. The vast area of interdisciplinary and multimedia collaborations […]

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Jonas Mekas films about Yoko and John

Wed 12 Nov 2008 - Films & Videos

These film excerpts are courtesy of, where longer versions can be downloaded, some of which are free. Click on the title of the film (under its QuickTime) to link to the relevant page. Thursday June 7th, 2007 (from 365 Films) 3 min. 14 sec. On a visit to Girona, Spain, we stumble on a surprise – […]

Blueprint For A Reprise

Wed 05 Nov 2008 - Interviews & Articles

Blueprint For A Reprise by LYDIA FONG An Interview with Yoko Ono *** Many of us remember the scene: Yoko Ono, in a white sleeping gown, unmistakable long black hair framing her face, sitting in bed next to John Lennon in a hotel room packed with reporters, celebrities and activists. Tape recorder on and guitar in […]


Tue 30 Sep 2008 - Imagine All The People

Beatles legend Lennon and his Japanese wife Ono famously spent two weeks in bed in Amsterdam and Montreal during March and May 1969 in protest at the Vietnam war. The first stage of their bed-in at the presidential suite of the Amsterdam Hilton came just days after they married in Gibraltar. Madeley and Finnegan recreated […]

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Yoko Ono on KRON 4 Morning News

KRON 4 Morning News has a candid conversation with Yoko Ono about her solo exhibition at SF MoMA. Reporter: Vicki Liviakis. Producer: Lily Tung.


Fri 29 Aug 2008 - Interviews & Articles

She may be 75, but she hit number one on the Billboard club chart with her “Give Peace a Chance (the Remixes)” this month. The song’s release marked the 39th anniversary of the song’s original recording — during her and Lennon’s legendary week-long Bed-In for Peace at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel — giving new life […]


Sat 23 Apr 2005 - Interviews & Articles

HIGH CONCEPT by John Robinson, The Guardian, 23 April 2005. Described by her husband John Lennon as ‘the world’s most famous unknown artist’, Yoko Ono discusses her most creative moments with John Robinson The 1960s had already been fairly eventful for Yoko Ono. She’d published a book of “instructional poems”, and submerged herself in the […]

Happening High Priestess

Sun 01 Mar 1998 - Interviews & Articles

  After a touring retrospective and the reissue of eleven albums, it’s time to take Yoko Ono seriously While Yoko Ono is still regarded by many as the Beatles’ persona non grata, a quiet re-evaluation of her art and music has been underway for some time. A sort of subcultural logic has dictated that anyone […]




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