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Yoko Ono – ACORN – a new poetry and art book from OR Books

In her new book ACORN from OR Books, renowned artist and political activist Yoko Ono offers intriguing, enchanting exercises to open our eyes on better ways of relating to ourselves, each other, and the planet we co-habit. Throughout the book are drawings by Yoko, many never before seen. Paperback: $16/£11, Ebook: $10/£7 Print + Ebook: $20/£14. PRE-ORDER [...]

2013-04-14T10:18:57-05:00April 14th, 2013|100 Acorns, Written work|

100 Acorns by Yoko Ono

Dear Friends, My book of conceptual instructions GRAPEFRUIT was first published in 1964. In the summer of 1996 I picked up from where I left off, and wrote 100 ACORNS for a website event. I'm now repeating 100 ACORNS for you to enjoy and participate in, one Acorn per day through November, December, January and [...]

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YOKO ONO’s ACORN PEACE Spring 2009 – sending to 123 World Leaders

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first mailing event of ACORN PEACE by JOHN & YOKO Spring 1969 "Caught the early plane back to London Fifty acorns tied in a sack The men from the press said ‘we wish you success It’s good to have the both of you back." The Ballad of John and Yoko recorded by The Beatles, 1969. In 1968 John Lennon and Yoko Ono planted two acorns for peace at Coventry Cathedral. The acorns were planted in east and westerly positions, symbolizing the meeting of the couple and the union of their two cultures. This was the first of many peace events that the couple would initiate throughout their lives. In 1969 John and Yoko mailed acorns and an accompanying letter to a wide variety of prominent figures across the world, asking that the acorns be planted for peace. A collection of thank you letters from several world leaders was received by the couple and these letters have been kept by Yoko. ACORN PEACE consists of 2 acorns in a transparent case which is inscribed “ACORN PEACE by JOHN & YOKO Spring 2009”. On Saturday 2 May 2009, 40 years after the original mailing of the acorns, Yoko will mail 123 ACORN PEACE boxes to world leaders and heads of state, hoping they will plant them in their garden and grow two oak trees for WORLD PEACE. In 1971, Rolling Stone magazine asked John Lennon whether he and Yoko had received any reaction from the political leaders who received the original acorns. He said: “Different heads of state actually planted their acorns, lots of them wrote to us.. ...I believe Golda Meir said ‘I don’t know who they are but if it’s for peace, we’re for it’ or something like that. There were quite a few people who understood the idea”. Yoko Ono continues to spread the message of peace through various media and events.


Dear Friends,At our first event together 40 years ago, John and I planted two acorns, firmly believing that our "Seeds of Peace" would keep multiplying forever.Were we naive? Yes, definitely.Before a week had passed, the seeds were dug out by, well, curiosity seekers... OK, they stole them.That's the word. But that did not stop us.We [...]

2008-12-11T13:19:35-05:00June 13th, 2008|100 Acorns, Events & Exhibitions News|

Julie Cunningham & Company: A Line Is – based on Yoko Ono’s Dance Pieces

Julie Cunningham & Company: A Line Is Yoko Ono’s ‘Dance Pieces’ from her seminal collection of ‘Instruction Poems’ ACORN, are the starting point for a new site-specific dance performance by Julie Cunningham & Company. The work responds to the Victoria & Albert Museum’s galleries and collections on display. Taking visitors [...]

2017-08-07T07:54:44-05:00July 3rd, 2017|Events & Exhibitions News|

Yoko Ono and Her Sixteen-Track Voice

Yoko is a delicate wind, racing around the world and trying to keep from disappearing altogether. But she's met her mountain, and while still working in lofty conceptual pieces she is holding on well to her kite string by Jonathan Cott, Rolling Stone (Article | Archive), 18 March 1971. In December, 1970, John Lennon and [...]

2016-12-12T12:43:00-05:00March 21st, 2015|Interviews & Articles|


For all those that Imagine Peace, YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN celebrates Yoko Ono's seminal art and activism across eight decades. 'Seeds of ideas, like pebbles, were raining through my life. Genesis Publications has captured those seeds and presented them to you here, for your observation, selection and experimentation, to make their destination entirely [...]

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