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Friday 18 July 2014


Norma Meaker
How are you doing these days? You’re the best

I am deeply saddened by the added violence in the world this week.

Peter Leslie Rowe
Dear Yoko , I looked at the TV in disbelief as the news broke today. Deplorable – absolutely outraged . Sorry to vent. I see what’s going on in Israel and Palestine and I think – well, how do we wake these people up? I am baffled – do you think maybe they need another en masse song to stir global consciousness? I am totally apalled and saddened . Meanwhile the string masters do what they always will do – grind the wheel and push the masses . RIP and condolences to those effected . PS If this has to go to The Hague – then so be it – it really should shouldn’t it. Thank you

By all means let the Hague know, though I have a feeling that they already know. For your information, the US has never signed the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, just as they have never signed the International Treaty banning land mines.

Armando Valdés
What on earth can a human do to try to stay calm and positive when reading, watching and hearing all the atrocities Israel is exercising against the Palestinian people.

This is a very complex situation. Instead of seeing what is happening on the surface, it will be nice if we could find out what is really going on. But that is almost impossible. So all of us will have to wait until we find out what each one of us can do to help. Meanwhile, it is good to send strong love vibration to all parties involved in this terrible situation. Naturally, they all feel that nobody understands them except the Israelis and the Palestinians who are involved in the situation. They feel they are all alone in this mess. It means that they are forsaken by the world. Which is not true at all, because the whole world will be affected by what they do. So we certainly don’t want to forsake them! You may think that I am telling you a very lame solution. Yes again – send love?! What kind of solution is that?! But for us, we have no choice but to try to send our love to all of the people involved in it without knowing the whole situaition. Strangely enough, that is what is asked of us to do, when our children who are getting independent from us are in trouble. Send Love without knowing what is happening. We do it, and find out that our children committed murder or suicide. So what should we have done? What could we do? But that is the only thing we can do now to send love.

Mark Wilson
I’ve tried to live for love and peace (which i believe and is easily attained) or acceptance or (hide your head in the sand) tactics. Though when you see deep rooted, generational, genocidic hate in people and a hate so bittered with self belief they what they stand for is so right and others challenging are wrong with no compromise. Catholic v protestant, white v black, muslem v alot!! Indian v pakistani, russia v ukraine, etc etc then the acceptence may be that’s the way it is. Can we change it? We try. Will we change it? If one is saved and a million aren’t then maybe!!!!! Think thats a question L&P

When you said “Can we change it?”, you immediately got on the right track. In the darkest moment like now, to ask that question may even be considered crazy. But Yes, we can change, and we are doing it. Right now. What they need is love, and more love. The people who are fighting do not feel that they are getting your understanding and love. Send love. As much love as you can when we don’t know what the hell is going on! But there is a great situation we are given, and we forget. When you send love to your loved one, you are not just sending love to the special person in your life, you are sending your love to yourself, our planet and the Universe automatically. That makes it a bit easier for you who is wanting to know how you could vent your hatred to some group of people, whether it is a racist issue, sexist issue, or whatever. Your love is touched by all of us, especially the ones who are feeling unloved. So be extra careful of what you think. Give the utmost consideration in what you say and do. I do understand how pained you are. We all are. I love you! yoko

Mirella Derks
Dear Yoko…I caught the news yesterday about Flight MH17 that came down on Eastern Ukraine soil. For some time now, because of recent events, I have started to have these feelings that we as a human race are on our way to a world war III. Do you think that the deaths of all these people from all kinds of Nationalities could be the trigger? What can we as people do to prevent that our political leaders are starting a war?

Don’t jump to conclusions. Know that you are part of the world and it’s conclusion. What would you like: War or Peace? Peace, I’m sure. Then act like a person of Peace. Don’t act like a person who is angry because the leaders of the world betrayed you. They did not betray you. They did not know that you were thinking differently from them. And if they knew, they would still follow their insticts, I’m sure. Listen to your heart, follow your intuition, make your manifestation, There’s no limitation. Have courage. Have rage. We are all together. And make sure that you know that your rage is only to yourself, feeling helpless in this situation. Your are not helpless. In your mind, go way, way up into the Universe, and you can see them and love them for what they are. I love you! yoko

Christina Gualtieri
Yoko, today is my birthday. Is there any advice you have for me for another year of life?

Happy Birthday! We have been born in this particular time so we will need to open our super wisdom to go through this time of darkness. And we will.

Craig Ashbrook
When those peace concerts were being announced in early 70, and you pulled out, was john worried about safety or worried about being deported?

Which concert did we pull out of? I don’t have to know which one. With all of them, we felt that it was important that we stayed till the end, and we did.

Robert T Schaar
Did John golf while growing up in Liverpool?

I don’t think so.

Lars Göransson
Bought your books at Vanås art centre in Sweden a few weeks ago!! Really love your words!!! Hope you will come back soon!! Hugs

Thank you for your encouragement. It’s nice to know that I am not just typing my words for the polluted wind! yoko


British Dreams ‏@Pollytwilight
Do you have favourite Russian authors?

Tolstoy, Gorky, Gogol and Chekhov to start off with. Russian Literature is one of the heaviest in the world, and brilliant.

Rachaelceratops ‏@theordovician
What is one book you think everyone should read?

Reading books is such an important, interesting, exciting and fun thing to do, start with any book and end with again any. In fact, don’t end. Just keep on reading anything you can get your hands on. Woops, your head on…! Here’s my recommended reading list.

Yukiko ‏@whyseeyukiko
What enabled you to find the inspiration/power to break Japanese social expectations on women to become who you are?

Just like I had to get over European, American, and all Asian countries prejucices to breathe and survive. We will have to get over God’s prejudices towards us… and we are not crazy.

Renegade Bowl ‏@pmb445544
Does mankind amaze you with its ability to achieve so many things but depress you by “still” being one step from a savage.

Don’t be so sure it’s only one step!

Renegade Bowl ‏@pmb445544
To achieve peace you have to achieve the death of all ego and maybe even the resignation of personality to free yourself. Agree?

No. I don’t think we have to work so hard to achieve World Peace. In fact I know we don’t need to. And I know we can achieve it in 7 mimutes once we know what we have to do. I kept saying that in the Glastonbury show, and nobody wanted to know. Amazing! Isn’t it? I feel guilty that I cannot tell you how we can do it just now. When you need to know it most urgently, well, you will get it very soon. That’s all I can say.

Torbjørn W. Engel ‏@TorbjrnWEngel
John sang on “Woman” that “it is written in the stars”. Do you think there is such a thing as destiny, and in love?

John and I were such cynics by the time we met, there was no way then we could have believed in anything like destiny and the stars. But once we had met, it got weirder and weirder, and it’s still getting pretty weird. If there is such a thing as destiny, I hope John’s and my destiny will be a good one for all of you as well.

Sharon☺ ‏@ShazsTwit
Do you believe in Angels?

Don’t ask. In fact, you won’t be asking when you see them.

British Dreams ‏@Pollytwilight
What do you think future will be like?

Depends on what we do.

Jamie ‏@harrysjokes
What inspired ‘Bad Dancer‘? ps I hope you’re doing well :-)

Well, I am. Thank you. But you sound like you got concerned about my sanity since watching Bad Dancer. Don’t wory, that was just fun.

Alex ‏@AlexBurkat
How do you wind down and get a good night’s sleep after making music at night?

You don’t. When you are one with music, you don’t feel like you need so much sleep.

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24 Responses to Yoko QandA day – Fridays on Twitter & Facebook – latest answers here:

  1. lynn gallen says:

    yoko what does it mean ” I’m in phase 9 now”,( your response to fact you don’t cook but put energy else where) what is is significant about the # 9? Does John’s Revolution #9 share a meaning?
    with a handshake in thought.
    Lynn Gallen

  2. Lisa says:


  3. Jeanette says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question Yoko :)

  4. joseph martin says:

    Joseph Martin john is a light that will never go out for all you need is love will continue to feed this light
    he was a poet, songwriter, composer, a father, a champion for peace but most of all he was just a man. unlike paul m. he could feel and write a…bout pain and longing and reach the depths of dispair and somehow it was beautiful Help i need somebody, so i sing a song of love for julia, mother you had me but i never had you, women you understand the little child inside a man, i was dreaming in the past and my heart was beating fast, if you want money for people with minds that hate all i can tell you brother you’ll have to wait, war is over if you want it, no need for greed or hungar a brotherhood of man,but most of all IN MY LIFE I LOVE YOU MORE
    happy birthday john you are loved and i and millions more will miss you

  5. Felipe says:

    Yoko, your message is beautiful and we still believe in Peace.

    Here in South America we fight everyday for our beliefs, our ideals, our peace motives and for the beauty of life.

    Sometimes is very hard to swim against the currents, against over consumption, against the media, against the powerful and their money.

    But when i saw you and your willpower to keep screaming for peace and love for everyone, i feel alive now and i’ll keep yelling and working to build a better world for us all.

    Thank you Yoko. Mata ne!

    Felipe Nadeau.

  6. Shrujana says:

    i need your help!…i’m in a big emotional crisis and i don’t think i’m handling too well….

  7. Jen says:

    Hello Yoko, thank you for being available. I was at MoMA this past weekend…I screamed and made a wish. Thanks for bringing me full circle…and thank you for your he(art). I will be thinking of you and John tomorrow. Xo jen

    • Yoko Ono says:

      Hi Jen! It’s nice that you participated in the scream piece and screamed. Your scream joined all the other screams of that piece performed in MOMA, and is sending out a strong vibration and making a strong statement to the world. love, yoko

  8. Patti W says:

    Many years ago in NY you and John did a TV show on channel 13 which I attended. I have never heard anything relating to this show. Could you please let me know why.
    Love and God Bless

  9. Jos Witteman says:

    My next cd with my poems / music will be dedicated to you and John. This because of the good vibes you’re givin’ to the world. More than thanks, and with lovin’ greetings from The Netherlands,

    Jos Witteman

  10. Nestlenathan says:

    Once again thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions your much appreciated n loved..cheers, thanks.

    Live forever

  11. Kallie says:

    HI Yoko,

    I am doing a write up on Cut Piece. I was wondering what is a message or representation you were trying to say with this piece?



  12. Sonia says:

    Thank you for the answers that you shared to me especially about questions related when you were expecting a baby with John.. One of my favorites is you are craving meat and cabbage and about morning sickness.. hope if you don’t mind I could post some questions that was bugging in my head. it is all about Sean when he was not yet born (I mean inside your womb)… again thank you…

  13. Love your response to my query, thank you so much for your work. You’re absolutely right about love.

  14. Nessus says:

    Yoko, God bless you, love nessus

  15. Sue says:

    Yoko, one day I drove through Florida and felt incredibly sad, for no apparent reason, later, I found out Nam June Paik had died, how did you feel on that day? do you remember?

  16. mcszg says:

    Love your work Yoko !!!

  17. mellepixie says:

    Yoko, do you believe in “an eye for an eye”? those who kill should be killed in return or anything like that?

  18. Jay Thomas says:

    Thank you Yoko for taking the time to answer these questions. Your ideas inspire me.





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