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Friday 5 December 2014


Mari Mcnamee
How are you doing this week Yoko? By the way I loved the pictures you posted this week of you in the White Room and you overlooking the City. All the best to you.

I’m glad you liked that one! It was taken last year. We’ll do more in February next year.

Ken Bourassa
I meet my soul mate… We can’t create a world that supports us and our kids in a new life. So I’m shutting that world down completely and walking away from the prison I created thinking it would be my salvation. It’s so radical I lost her in the fray… Is this truly unconditional love or am I dreaming. It’s all so beautiful as my life comes apart!

Ken – If I were you, I would have a discussion with your soul mate – that you need some space just now. You are getting to need it. Ask how much time she would not mind giving to you, in what way… week-ends? Saturdays only? Start small. But make sure she gets exactly what you got after you. Then you reverse that and she gets the space first. Busy, busy arranging all this. Through it, you will see a new side of her and she you. So things will be different. That’s what you both needed. Good words to remember: I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you. Don’t get macho and skip these!

Todd Bradley Tiberius Tinker
Hi Yoko. I have been a fan of both you and John my entire life and love what you have both done to promote peace and tolerance. There has been a lot of hatred and violence directed towards Transgender people in recent times. Would love to know how you feel about this and if you were in a position to help, what would you do to help these people who are persecuted purely because they are trying to be themselves.

This is still a world which cannot take all truth. Think of the people as babies. Would you want to explain your position to a baby? I think you can wait to tell all the babies of the world what you want to share. Just tell friends who are ready. That means that they are not babies.

Chuck Blackburn
How do you see God?

There’s God in everything we see and touch. They help you to understand life.

Mark Reynolds
Any fond memories of recording your album featuring the incidental instruments/ wind powered instruments?

I think you are talking about the instruments I had it made by an artist and recorded the album FLY with those instruments. That was a beautiful, beautiful experience. But the artist who made them died, and the instruments are gone. Beauty sometimes hides itself for no reason…

Bill Hewitt
Hi Yoko!!! My question to you is have you ever had a paranormal experience?

My life is a paranormal experience.

Colleen Maria
What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

Love between all animals including humans.

Chrixtopher James Gardner
Hello Yoko! Thank you for this forum. How did events bring it about that you turned John Cage on to a macrobiotic diet & helped alleviate his arthritis?

I just do things I can.

Dolores A. Long
Greetings, Yoko: What is your favorite comfort food?

Reading books.

Gloria Ehrlich
Loved reading you’re quote in this months Readers Digest, “A mirror becomes a razor when it’s broken, a stick becomes a flute when it’s loved.”

Thank you! yoko

Lisa Masiero
Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

I honour all holidays and enjoy them in my head!

Tom McCaffrey
No question for you Yoko – I just want you to know that we love you. Thank you for everything you have done for the world.

I thank you for doing your part in the world and for the world. I hear you!


Lynda Tan ‏@LyndaT15
What would u tell our NYC kids to help them make sense of the injustices of late, to keep them inspired & able to “Imagine”?

It gives you the chance to Imagine a better world more so… And many of them are doing that. Some of them are even thinking of deserting our planet and moving to Mars, or something. But soon they willl see that it is better to not wait until that opportunity comes and work on our planet to be a better world!

Patti ‏@pattiscanlon
I remember your exhibit in Syracuse ’71 I was 14 & you & John came up & asked if I was having a good time

Wow! So you were there? We had a very good time there. I hope you did, too.

J C ‏@toe2ner
I’m having a very hard time these days remaining positive with what is effecting me personally. What do you do?

We are all having a very hard time to be positive. But if we are not, the world will be a worse place, and we will end up being sick and depressed. Let’s save ourselves however we do it! I know we will.

konstantina nikolaou ‏@KonstantinaSNik
How to deal with times of distraction so not to lose your creativity?

Distraction is good. So we give ourselves the time to think. Give yourself a distraction and you will be more creative when you come back from it!

Felicia Marano ‏@cutelyobsessive
Hi Yoko! Hi Yoko! Are there limits to human potential?

I haven’t seen it yet!

We believe that all people have good in them. How do we bring it out?

All people have to bring it out themselves. Once you know that you are the only one who can do it for you, creativity will fill you up, since you are no longer waiting for somebody else to do it for you.

Daniel ‏@djdrm1972
What do u think Jesus would say to a gay person?

I love you, especially because you are so persecuted.

Yuliya ‏@PartyBabas
Have you ever felt insecure about your art, like in a bad self esteem way? What did you do?

I never had that problem. I was always excited with the latest thing I came up with.

Kalaiyarasan R ‏@KalaiOfficial
I’m from India. What its like to be at Strawberry Fields in New York City Central Park? Any special memory you have there?

Yes. I always remember the day when John and I were walking to get home through what is now called Strawberry Fields, and said to each other, that we have to make this place as pretty as the other places in the park (it was a mess!)

KANAKO ‏@_____S2xxx
What words have remained in your heart the most in your life?

Many of the things John said to me are coming back almost every day.

Friday 28 November 2014


Madeleine Eva
Dear Yoko. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me in my life. My question – should we ever give up on people that refuse to change? Thank you, love Madeleine!

Not changing is an admirable trait too, you know. We should have people like that as well on our planet.

Max Goldstein
Hi Yoko! I sing in a Chicago-based rock/soul group called Yoko and the Oh No’s and I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I am such a big fan of your art and all of the work you do promoting peace. I would never want to offend you in any way so I wanted to make sure you like our band name or if you’d like us to change it! We have the upmost respect for you and want to obey your wishes So my question to you would be: Do you think all people are connected and if so, why do we try so hard to separate ourselves from one another?

Your band name has such a sense of humour it made me smile. We are all different part of one body called the human race. We enjoy each part.

Fern York
How do you think/feel that we go through the process to de-militarise ourselves, our communities, our countries and the world for peace?

De-militarization is already taking place in the whole world. Nothing is announced for it, and it is happening ever so slowly, so we just don’t recognize it. It’s good that it is happening slowly.

Peggy L. Walton
How do you think we can spread the word of peace to the people that are rioting?

The violence comes in all forms. The riots are responding to the violence excercised by their government.

Garry Bellemore
Dear Yoko, There are some younger people who are bitter towards their elders. It feels like I have to be on the defensive most of the time. What would you say or do to them that might change their opinions towards us?

This is a very difficult phenomenon happening more now. The young are expressing their dissatisfaction with life. They are bashing their parents who are most vulnerable to their attacks. To them we seem complacent to what is wrong with our society. Maybe if we are more active in trying to make a better world, we will work together with out kids. Just like when we started to listen to the same music. They are actually already very active in wanting to create a better world.

David Liljemark
I know 2014 isn’t quite through yet, but what has been the most fun for you this year, so far?

Noticing that more people are for peace, and not war.

Michele-Healy Bricker
Best NYC moment?

To notice people being kind and helpful to each other.

Tomy Rojas
What place do you enjoy most of NYC?

My study, which looks over the park.

Tove Geer
Dearest Yoko… I just would like to thank you for bringing so much good into this world and to bring so much joy to many of us. I love to listen to your music.. it makes me so happy and your song “Walking on thin ice” is my life song :o) Loved it since way back when you made it. I really wish you the best and I wish you a very happy christmas and peace of mind. I thank you so much for being you and for all the inspiration I have from you. May you walk in the sun always. Love from Denmark, Tove

Thank you for your kind words! It’s very encouraging.

Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko, just wanted to say bless you for who you are, thanks again, Mari

Thank you for your encouragement. yoko


Zenheadbutt ‏@Zenheadbutt
What are you most thankful for?

That I’m alive with my brain and body still active.

walatomus27 ‏@NRadetski
Help! I need to know how to make even the strictest of people happy

Leave them alone withoiut your interferance..

Felicia Marano ‏@cutelyobsessive
Hi Yoko. Is it ever to late to tell someone how you feel about them?

I was very upset that I did not tell my parents how much I loved them before their passing. But they may have heard it now.

RichardH ‏@rbhayles
Is it important to be on time? And how do we know if we are?

It is important to be on time if that pleases you.

Lorraine Harrilal ‏@tantra_diva
Dear Yoko, what do you think the world will look like in 100 years?

I will let you know when I’m there.

Albert Murrian ‏@AlbertBMurrian
I love the song “Shine, Shine“. It makes me dance every time I hear it. What inspired you to write it? It’s a rocker!

I was just in the mood for it.

Janice Gormley ‏@JaneyG7
If you were a season which would it be, and why?

I love all seasons. Each one is so beautiful!

Yeonwook Choi ‏@nucton
Hi Yoko! What was your first happiest moment you can remember?

When I woke up the first day after i was born and saw the shining snowfield from the window. Yes. I was able to already see!

ॐ mIke ‏@mikeddavies
Hey! Who is your favourite artist that has emerged in the last 10 years? #peaceforall

Me. I am emerging every day of my life..

Lorraine ‏@LorenaVersace
Are you and Lady Gaga still friends?

We are both busy doing our own things. But my love and admiration for her has never changed.

Lee Hyo Chan 이효찬 ‏@hyochan
What’s the nicest thing you’ve heard this week?

Was there any good news this week? Tell me about it!

SAD BELLA 13 :-( ‏@methmondler
What kind of book do you like to read?

Just Now, I’m reading: Grain Brain, The Eye Care Revolution and The Detox Prescription. You see where my head is now!

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24 Responses to Yoko QandA day – Fridays on Twitter & Facebook – latest answers here:

  1. lynn gallen says:

    yoko what does it mean ” I’m in phase 9 now”,( your response to fact you don’t cook but put energy else where) what is is significant about the # 9? Does John’s Revolution #9 share a meaning?
    with a handshake in thought.
    Lynn Gallen

  2. Lisa says:


  3. Jeanette says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question Yoko :)

  4. joseph martin says:

    Joseph Martin john is a light that will never go out for all you need is love will continue to feed this light
    he was a poet, songwriter, composer, a father, a champion for peace but most of all he was just a man. unlike paul m. he could feel and write a…bout pain and longing and reach the depths of dispair and somehow it was beautiful Help i need somebody, so i sing a song of love for julia, mother you had me but i never had you, women you understand the little child inside a man, i was dreaming in the past and my heart was beating fast, if you want money for people with minds that hate all i can tell you brother you’ll have to wait, war is over if you want it, no need for greed or hungar a brotherhood of man,but most of all IN MY LIFE I LOVE YOU MORE
    happy birthday john you are loved and i and millions more will miss you

  5. Felipe says:

    Yoko, your message is beautiful and we still believe in Peace.

    Here in South America we fight everyday for our beliefs, our ideals, our peace motives and for the beauty of life.

    Sometimes is very hard to swim against the currents, against over consumption, against the media, against the powerful and their money.

    But when i saw you and your willpower to keep screaming for peace and love for everyone, i feel alive now and i’ll keep yelling and working to build a better world for us all.

    Thank you Yoko. Mata ne!

    Felipe Nadeau.

  6. Shrujana says:

    i need your help!…i’m in a big emotional crisis and i don’t think i’m handling too well….

  7. Jen says:

    Hello Yoko, thank you for being available. I was at MoMA this past weekend…I screamed and made a wish. Thanks for bringing me full circle…and thank you for your he(art). I will be thinking of you and John tomorrow. Xo jen

    • Yoko Ono says:

      Hi Jen! It’s nice that you participated in the scream piece and screamed. Your scream joined all the other screams of that piece performed in MOMA, and is sending out a strong vibration and making a strong statement to the world. love, yoko

  8. Patti W says:

    Many years ago in NY you and John did a TV show on channel 13 which I attended. I have never heard anything relating to this show. Could you please let me know why.
    Love and God Bless

  9. Jos Witteman says:

    My next cd with my poems / music will be dedicated to you and John. This because of the good vibes you’re givin’ to the world. More than thanks, and with lovin’ greetings from The Netherlands,

    Jos Witteman

  10. Nestlenathan says:

    Once again thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions your much appreciated n loved..cheers, thanks.

    Live forever

  11. Kallie says:

    HI Yoko,

    I am doing a write up on Cut Piece. I was wondering what is a message or representation you were trying to say with this piece?



  12. Sonia says:

    Thank you for the answers that you shared to me especially about questions related when you were expecting a baby with John.. One of my favorites is you are craving meat and cabbage and about morning sickness.. hope if you don’t mind I could post some questions that was bugging in my head. it is all about Sean when he was not yet born (I mean inside your womb)… again thank you…

  13. Love your response to my query, thank you so much for your work. You’re absolutely right about love.

  14. Nessus says:

    Yoko, God bless you, love nessus

  15. Sue says:

    Yoko, one day I drove through Florida and felt incredibly sad, for no apparent reason, later, I found out Nam June Paik had died, how did you feel on that day? do you remember?

  16. mcszg says:

    Love your work Yoko !!!

  17. mellepixie says:

    Yoko, do you believe in “an eye for an eye”? those who kill should be killed in return or anything like that?

  18. Jay Thomas says:

    Thank you Yoko for taking the time to answer these questions. Your ideas inspire me.





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