Yoko Donates Gold Lennon Coin to Alder Hey IMAGINE Appeal for auction

Tue 14 Jun 2011 - In The News, John Lennon Artwork

John Lennon in gold for charity from Coins Weekly A one-off strike of the GBP 5 John Lennon silver coin in 22 carat gold is to be auctioned by the Imagine Appeal. The auction will be conducted by Bonham’s on 29th June. Numismatic history was made last year when the production of a new Alderney […]

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In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works by John Lennon

Sat 07 Aug 2010 - John Lennon Artwork, Yoko reads

In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works by John Lennon Nicholas Lezard on the best books written by a pop star by Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian What, I wonder, was the initial reaction of the countless thousands of young Beatlemaniacs when they read the literary fruits of their idol’s mind? This is […]

Yoko Ono spreads message of peace, love in Long Branch

Yoko Ono spreads message of peace, love in Long Branch by Kathy Dzielak, Asbury Park Press Ask Yoko Ono how she feels about the Internet, and the answer probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. “I do Twitter, I do Facebook, I do MySpace,” says the 77-year-old Ono. “I just love the fact that it’s given […]

“There’s No Place Like Nowhere” (John Lennon, Bermuda, 1980)

By Brian R. San Souci, Rhode Island Monthly Thirty years ago this month, John Lennon left Newport on a small boat headed for Bermuda. He hoped the five-day voyage would unlock his musical writer’s block. It turned out to be the ride of his life. As the Megan Jaye sailed into St. George’s Harbour in […]

Yoko Ono Discusses John Lennon’s We All Shine On Miami Benefit Exhibit

Fri 08 Jan 2010 - John Lennon Artwork

By S. Pajot, Miami New Times ​For a certain kind of pop culture observer, Yoko Ono will always remain defined by her marriage to John Lennon. And Lennon will always remain a Beatle. These people, though, have misread history. They ignore (or are ignorant of) Ms. Ono’s pre- and post-Lennon work as a conceptual artist, […]


WAR IS OVER!: Holiday Message from Yoko Ono

2009 Holiday Message From Yoko Ono: Dear Friends The WAR IS OVER! campaign was once a tiny seed, which spread and covered the Earth. John and I believed it helped many people to stop their wars. Since then, every WAR IS OVER! campaign has impacted the world as powerfully as the first one. Start yours […]

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John Lennon Peace Crater on The Moon

LUNAR GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY DESIGNATES “PEACE CRATER” TO HONOR JOHN LENNON New York USA (9 October 2009 LT) — The International Lunar Geographic Society has announced that a crater on Luna, Earth’s Moon, has been renamed to honor musician and peace activist John Lennon. The crater, which is located in the Moon’s Lacus Somniorum (“Lake of […]

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Happy Birthday, John: Tribute Events for 9 October 2009 at www.IMAGINEPEACE.com

Yoko Ono: about IMAGINE PEACE TOWER Tribute Events for 9 October 2009 REYKJAVIK, ICELAND IMAGINE PEACE TOWER lighting & Yoko RÁS2 radio interview was STREAMED LIVE here on www.IMAGINEPEACE.com from 8:30pm London / 7:30pm Reykjavík / 3:30pm NY / 12:30pm LA / 04:30am Tokyo [streaming audio broadcast is now over] NEW YORK, USA Rock & […]


John Lennon art exhibition at The Gallery in Cork Street [London, UK]

Sun 17 May 2009 - John Lennon Artwork

  In many ways, John Lennon was truly a renaissance man whose insights and perspective helped shape the sensibility of the temporary mind. Born John Winston Lennon on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England, he died tragically on December 8, 1980. He married Yoko Ono at Gibraltar on March 20, 1969. On March 26, 1969 […]


DUETS: The Artwork of John Lennon & Jerry Garcia [Tampa, Florida 27-29 March]

Thu 26 Mar 2009 - John Lennon Artwork

By Heidi Kurpleia, Creative Loafing,  25 March 2009 John Lennon would have kicked ass at Pictionary. The Beatles’ founding genius was a voracious sketcher, and according to Yoko Ono he drew his best stuff when he was bummed out. He worked in rapid succession, using pen, pencil and Japanese sumi ink, drawing himself, his toddler […]


John Lennon art exhibition opens at the Hilton Amsterdam

Sat 21 Mar 2009 - John Lennon Artwork

Forty years after their landmark peace initiative at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, John and Yoko are back, with a major exhibition of John Lennon’s art work on view at the Hilton Amsterdam from 20 – 22 March, 2009. The exhibition is being held under the umbrella of a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the […]




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